Marvellous Zelda: False Alarm

Sorry to dissapoint those of you who got quite excited over Marvellous entertainment's teaser image that many noted had a 'triforce'. Of course everyone jumped to the conclusion that Nintendo had hired them to produce the next Zelda (don't forget capcom made Oracle of Seasons and Ages, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility). However it seems that their new project is not related to Zelda, at all...

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Smacktard5658d ago

Only morons actually expected this to be a Zelda game...


Marvelous Still Promoting Yuusha 30 With New TVC

PSPHyper:"Another new TV commercial for Yuusha 30 (aka Half-Minute Hero) from Marvelous. The game has been out in Japan for more than three weeks now and sold around 43,000 copies so far."

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Yuusha 30 : New Artworks

Marvelous has published new artworks for it's RPG, Yuusha 30.

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BlackIceJoe5541d ago

Yuusha 30 really looks great. I love the Artwork and really hope this game comes out looking and play great. I also hope this game will get a North America launch too.


Yuusha 30 : Another Gameplay

Sony and Marvelous have released a new gameplay for it's RPG, Yuusha 30.
The game will be released in Japan on june 28.

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