Nintendo at E3 09 - It can't get much worse

CGN Writes...

"After last years Nintendo E3 Conference, I tried to convince my self that it really wasn't the worst conference in the world. But in the end, I ended up only agreeing with everyone else in the world. Minus a quick reference to Call of Duty: World at War, and the announcement of GTA: China Town Wars, there was almost absolutely nothing that catered to the hardcore audience. Now that Nintendo has thrown out all the casual talk in last years E3, this years E3 just can not get any worse."

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Product5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

this year expect either a Kid Icarus and Pilotwings(both rumored to be in development) in the latter half of the year.......Punchout and Sin and Punishment 2 are coming before this though.Aswell as wiisports resort which gives you motion +

The real story is the third party support though which i hope becomes a regular thing at Nintendo seeing as how the first half of the year shows good signs of third party games from The Conduit and Madworld to House of the Dead and alot of rpg's.

Screw E3 though the GDC this march better shed light on release dates for alot of stuff.

gaffyh5239d ago

Don't get your hopes up, but they said that they are working on a new Zelda, hopefully we'll see that. If they announce ANOTHER peripheral...EPIC FAIL.

Lifendz5239d ago

I won't even watch. I'll watch Sony and MS because they actually make games for a gamer like me. Nintendo, I love Smash Bros but other than that I don't see you giving me anything this year. Then again it's not like Nintendo needs gamers like me anymore...sigh.

kunit22c5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

im really getting sick and tired of fanboys bashing Nintendo, especialy 360 fanboys considering Microsoft seen all the cash Nintendo is getting and is trying to go for the casuals, but Nintendo is trying its hardest to make hardcore titles and casual titles and you only see less hardcore is because they take longer to make, and casual games dont take time at all, its the lack of 3rd party support (which seems to be going up) but if Nintendo truely didnt care about core gamers would they make games like: twilight princess,galaxy,corruption,sin and punishment 2, punch out!!, brawl, Mario Kart, Disaster, rumors of eternal darkness 2, and Pit. Fanboys are just to spoiled these days. Also to blame Nintendo for the shovelware is just wrong. They make almost none of the shovelware, its like all 3rd paries that think they are being supportive by doing so but they arnt. Im going to stick with Nintendo because next gen they will HAVE to go for the hardcore because the casuals wont be going to get the next system, so then they will have all this money and will spend it all on the hardcore and they wont go under, dont even try to say sony and microsoft wont because i already see them starting to, they have both layed off many workers (microsoft a few days ago and sony a little while ago) it hasnt effected Nintendo yet, and the PS3 is just bringing Sony down more they loose money for every ps3 they sell, so even if sales on the ps3 went up, it wouldnt really help them. I dont mean to bash them but just say the facts, i actually like Sony and the PS3, but not the 360 there are just so amny problems i just would rather not have to deal with, the true winners of last gen are the people who own a ps3, wii and pc. if you have a 360 and those i guess you still win but not as much because the 360 just slowly burns a hole in your pocket. (360 fanboys dont even try to say that it doesnt because you know it does)
But hey im hoping for any news on Pikmin 3, Kirby Wii, F-zero Wii, Start fox Wii, Pit, TMNT Brawl, Punch Out!!, Sin and Punishment 2, Cursed Mountain, and wii sports resort. And hopefully some people will announce that they are going to pick up some cancelled games and continue them like Winter, Project H.A.M.M.E.R., and B.E.A.S.T. I think may be able to be proud of Nintendo at this next E3 and if not i dont care becaus ethey may be saving it for later just like last year, everyone was bummed about Nintendo's E3 and were bashing it, but then at Tokyo gameshow they had the most announces, so no matter what i tihnk im going to be proud of Nintendo this year with all teh games i listed before and more. Also PS3 seems to be going good for 2009 too. Sorry for such a long comment but its just that other ignorant fanboys make me mad, and sorry 360 fanboys but most of the ignorance comes from you. But its not all of you just most of you. PS3 fanboys dont seem to bother me as much just because they always seem to be more mature. But once again its only most of you not all of you. But yeah PS3 and Wii looking best for 2009 :) and dont get mad im just looking at facts, and that game thats Microsofts answer to LBP sucks sorry but i hope they announce way better stuff at E3 otherwise im gonna feel bad for you 360 fanboys.

--------------------------Edi t----------------------------- - ----------

Holy S*** i just realized how long this is. what a waste of time i didnt intend for it to be this long, but hey my longest comment EVER right here :D!

kunit22c5238d ago

Lol,Tsalagi even though taht was making fun of me i still thought it was pretty funny :)

but everyone disagreeing can you tell me what in my comment you disagree with instead of just disagreeing? unless my comment just made you mad and insecure?

Danja5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

dude ever heard the word "Paragraphs" ??? if so plz to use them next time ur writing a post like that..

and as for ur comment have you ever thought that Nintendo isn't really focusing on pleasing both sides any more but there are more for the casuals ?

How often do they release a game like Metroid Prime or Brawl ???

3rd parties make pretty good games for the Z&W , NMH we are getting The Condult , and Madworld which im looking forward to...and hopefully Pikmin3 get released this year..

but Nintendo has gone soft

Professor PGX5238d ago

wait a sec. you're that same loser from Nintendo Worlds who keeps wii bashing, aren't you? And I guess that would make xander Voice of Reason, since he called his self that on th sly. yall think yall slick. i done figured yall out.

pixelsword5238d ago was like watching a train wreck...wrecking a indy 500 race, smashing through a marathon. You couldn't help to watch it although it almost made you cry with how bad their conference was.

kunit22c5231d ago

@ Danja, you probably wont see this because well this is an old post and i forgot to reply to you but whatever here it goes.
I will admit Nintendo has gotten softer and has produced less "hardcore" games than in the past but for some of these fanboys to say they have completely stoped caring for the hardcore is either a lack of knowledge or they are just plain stubborn. Plus i think Nintendo has a fine Line up of first party games for 2009, and they have the best line up over all for me, let alone the biggest line up, sure you could disagree with me by saying they dont have the "best" because well we all dont have the same taste in games but you cant agrue that they dont have the biggest line up because well they do i have a list of 23 games i have to buy this year and that costs a heck of alot of money (1150?) so im going to have to span out and buy them at different times the ones i want most first then wait a little while for the rest (if i didnt have a job now way could i get all of these) i already have $370 something thats 7 games well maybe more because 3 of the games i want are WiiWare, but yeah those games can keep me busy until i have money for the next games comming, hey if im lucky i just MIGHT be able to get all these the first day they come out. (my games are spread out through the year some are soon and some just might come early 2010) I think this is going to be a great year for gamers (Wii and PS3 owners especialy) 360 owners can go ahead and burn a hole in your pocket with all those extras you have to buy, keep breaking headsets and buying new ones, buying new disks because your 360 keeps scratching them, and paying for online. Hey did you 360 owners ever think about how much money your wasting when you could be buying games with that money? hmmm.....? Or save up for a PS3?

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ChickeyCantor5239d ago

The way E3 swayed people, the way it made people say that nintendo went all casual.

I didnt even care that much for E3, but it was said before, Nintendo will use E3 to reach the "casual" crowd due all the media.

So if they do it again, we will have the same sh/t over allll again xD.

Hope they show little footage of Zelda or something.

Parapraxis5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Nintendo did go casual.
Yes they have a few traditional "hardcore" games.
But their main focus is on the new people they are bringing in.
And before you ignorantly call me anti-Nintendo or a fanboy, read this.

ChickeyCantor5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

I don't think you understand. THEY WERE ALWAYS GOING FOR THE CASUAL CROWD.

some people just don't get it. Do you even know Nintendo's history?
They were always making products for family friendly goals.

Do some of you even realize Miyamoto makes games with the idea his family can play them too?

You guys live in a weird world, claiming things...Lol Nintendo was ALWAYS casual.

I don't scream around calling people fanboys, it has no point anyway.

Of course they focuss on those people now, they need to insure they can keep them. Don't tell me they don't make traditional games anymore.

Even MS and Sony want this crowd, but their problem was that they never thought they could get them in like Nintendo did. They have the "core" crowd. But they need this Casual audience too.
Core gamers are not the majority. MS and Sony need both of them.

And loads of "core" gamers are happy with Nintendo's lineup of 2009.

It seems to me Nintendo is having both of them.

Parapraxis5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

Actually I do undertand.
And I do know the history of Nintendo thanks.
My first console was an NES.
Nintendo did always go for the casual crowd, but they balanced that with a strong appeal for more hardcore gamers.
Now the latter has taken a back seat, and with good reason.
Nintendo has never done as well in any generation as they are now, and that is due to tapping into a new more casual market.
It's NOT a knock on Nintendo in any way, it's a widely known fact
Hats off to them really.

ChickeyCantor5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

" Nintendo did always go for the casual crowd, but they balanced that with a strong appeal for more hardcore gamers. "

I would say pure coincidence, Nintendo always made games with the casual people in mind. The way they came out was due the fact they had a different view on "casual" gamers.
Each generation we have a new set of people, and because these changes developers will have to adapt to this knowledge.

Seriously though, people pretend their games are trash now. They still deliver the quality they always have.

Parapraxis5238d ago

"Seriously though, people pretend their games are trash now. They still deliver the quality they always have."
Nintendo, yes, 3rd parties...not so much.

ChickeyCantor5238d ago

You can't say it isn't shaping up =P.
I agree Wii has loads of shovelware on it, but developers had the time to create something awesome.

At least 2009 looks far better.

Parapraxis5238d ago

There are a lot of titles popping up now for the Wii in 2009.
I'm not going to lie, I was worried at first.
But it's good to see that some unique 3rd party titles are on the way.
Enjoy them.
(If you wonder why it interests me, my GF's brother has a Wii, played it all christmas, I need to finish MP3 & Zelda now ! lol)

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Product5239d ago

well i dont think it will be that casual this year since Nintendo has stated their will be no more Wii(insert wiigame) after wii sports resort.Things could change but i feel they have better games up thier sleeves then Animal Crossing from last E3.

ChickeyCantor5239d ago

However, they did say they will use E3 to reach the "masses" since the media is there.

Gr815239d ago

But their reasoning was E3 was downsized and no longer the show it used to be. With the ESEA or whatever (lol) saying they want to bring the show back to what it used to be, I think the Big N will also adjust their strategy.

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