WorthPlaying Review: Undertow

WP writes: "For this generation of consoles, one game engine has proven to be the most prevalent: the Unreal engine. Designed by Epic Games, the Unreal engine has been used by almost every developer out there to create just about every type of game. From shooting games to RPGs to wrestling titles, this game engine somehow gets involved. One common factor that the games share, however, is that almost all of them are disc-based titles because most developers believed that the engine could only be used properly if it had plenty of hard drive space to work with. In 2006, that belief was shattered when RoboBlitz became the first downloadable title to use the Unreal engine as its primary game engine. Further proving that the engine is viable enough for both disc-based and downloadable titles, Chair Entertainment released Undertow, an Xbox Live Arcade title that also uses this technology. The game proves to contain some fun, but only if the right conditions are met."

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