IGN Reviews F1: Championship Edition

IGN states: "While Americans seem to generally prefer NASCAR as their preferred racing league, folks around the rest of the world tend to flock to Formula One for its extremely technical racing. The sport has an extremely hardcore following, with its gaming fans accepting no less than perfection from titles based on the series. With its slick visuals, quick pacing and promises of racing bliss, Formula One Championship Edition hits the PlayStation 3 in an attempt to not only please Formula fans but all racing junkies around the world."

Despite it's impressive visuals and surprisingly realistic handling of the vehicles, what prevents the respective IGN reviewer from handing F1:CE a higher rating is the fact that it's too close to the real thing, requiring highly technical driving skills and featuring a daunting initiation during career mode. The overall recommendation is to try the demo out first on the Playstation Network.

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hellraiser5014254d ago

But atleast its not horrible like that other review said

GaMr-4254d ago

Im sure F1 diehards will eat this up and beg for seconds. Im not big on F1 racing. I will probably rent it or wait till a buddy picks it up.
I say bring on GT5 Sony. ohhh the wait is endless. Couple things you should never hold your breathe for.

1.Pay phones
2.A good PS3 review from
3.A Gran turismo sequel

(off topic but true)

Quisp4254d ago

unfortunately. The last sentence, in the quote below says it all for racing fans. No Force Feedback kills the game for me. I have a DFP, and I wont go back to hand controllers for racing. Sorry.

"Formula One Championship Edition features support for a number of Logitech racing wheels, like the Driving Force Pro and its premiere G25 racing wheel. The game works very nicely with these wheels, letting you dial-in your lines more accurately than with an analog stick, though Force Feedback support isn't present, unfortunately."

Gamer134254d ago

But ill still give it a try when i get my ps3 in the summer.

IM OUT...///"""

DC RID3R4254d ago

DUDS imho.

The simple fact that force feedback/rumble isn't present, SERIOUSLY damages the overall user-experience, and is so lame it's laughable.

How can you play a fighting game with no rumble?

How can you play a shooter with no rumble?

How can you play a racing game with no force feedback?

I can go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Sony better get back to the "drawing board" and concentrate on releasing a console before MS's next, otherwise they is history.

bobbybrown4253d ago

dude chill out with the rumble, it's not such a BIG feature, honestly, at first I didn't like the sixaxis thing.. but one day i decided to seriously try it out and it was so intense i couldn't believe it. It's crazy for racing games, the feeling is awesome. It's one step under the steering wheel but way better than the joystick, unless you feel lazy. You just have to try it more than 2 min and you'll be used to it in no time.

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