Console Monster review Skate 2

Sam Finch from Console Monster writes:

Cruising down the sloping steps of San Van, the dimmed rays of a shaded sunset tickling my face as I coast downhill. Bearings spinning, wheels turning, road hurtling past beneath me. Coming up to the ledge, I crouch, crouch, crouch and release! I am airborne, no more road, yet the wheels still turn. Racing towards the ground, I bend my legs again, taking the full impact. I roll away, satisfied...Well, I say "I", I really mean my character in Skate 2. The crux of everything above is to explain how immersive Skate 2 is. When you use the controller to send your board spinning, it feels real. When you experience the glory of landing a 900, it feels real. When you reach your tipping point in frustration and give up, it feels real. Skate 2, for better or for worse, has captured the essence of skateboarding. All of the essence.

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