GAME is destroying gamecube games writes: While recently taking a gander at what my local GAME had to offer, I noticed that there were Wii games where they usually kept their (realtively small amount of) Gamecube games. This surpised me, so when I made my purchase I questioned the man behind the counter and he told me that in the past month they had only sold three gamecube games.

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Cajun Chicken3559d ago

Everywhere sells the Gamecube games far too expensive secondhand, I wouldn't mind building up my collection a bit since getting a second hand gamecube a few years back.

I hope Game isn't really doing that.

Smacktard3557d ago

Does anyone care if Madden '04 Gamecube version goes missing? Seriously?

Chances are all of those games aren't worth buying, if there was only a small stock of them and only 3 of them were bought in a month.

Dimitri3557d ago

GAME are a bunch of scums...

You should take a look at this website : if you live in UK.

tonsoffun3557d ago

Well, it doesn't surprise me in the least. Gqmestation had a fantastic selection of retro games before they were bought over by game. What do you think happened to these games and consoles?


It is such a shame as there are loads of gems there.

ClockworkSatan3556d ago

Er, this is REALLY old news. Game stopped selling GC games about three/four years ago and have to almost literally be forced to accept trade-ins of GC consoles or games.

It's quite sad as there's no doubt in my mind that the GC was a fantastic console. Just a pity that it didn't sell half as many as it should have...