Is Killzone 2 A New Era's Half-Life?

PSXExtreme: "You know, we've been thinking (smells like something is burning), and based on all the hype and our own personal experience with Killzone 2, we just had to reminisce a bit. The industry is old enough now where very few occurrences are actually "new;" most all can be compared to a past happenstance. In this way, we're starting to view Guerilla's impending masterpiece as the Half-Life for a new generation."

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Spike473557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Halo 1 and 2 imo were amazing but Halo 3 was overrated and mostly due to Microsoft's usual hype machine.

Killzone 2's hype is well deserved.

IronAva3556d ago

"Killzone 2's hype is well deserved"

That’s strange because the last time I checked, the first game was a "Killer" hit. I bought it, thought it was ok but it had nothing on Halo. People get upset about "hype" but if the previous games in the series have proven themselves to be successful then the producer of the product has a duty to hype the next entry as much as possible. Halo is Microsoft’s bread and butter. If I were them I would hype it all the way to the moon. Just like Killzone, if it is successful, I bet Sony will do the same as they now have a game to go toe to toe with Halo.

And by the way, what Halo did that was a major first is prove to people that you do not need a PC to enjoy a FPS.

RememberThe3573557d ago

That was pretty straight foreword :)

SAiOSiN3557d ago

well...every knows it's gonna be THE next great fps so what's the point of writing 124345435345 paragraphs telling people that. only ignorant trolls think this is going down the drain. :)

Helghast Slayer3557d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. KZ2 is the game that defines NEXT GEN and is only possible on the ps3. The majority of the gaming media knows this even though some might not want to admin it. The only people that think otherwise are the 360 loyalists who still believe Halo (Power Rangers) is the best game in the world.

It's time has come and gone and a new title is claiming that spot. If you don't want to move farward with time then i suggest you go back to playing super mario or something of that nature.

PSN ID: Kush_Reapper

pwnsause3557d ago

well you can say it is this Era's Half-Life. Half-Life was Genre Defining. it did things that were not done in an FPS. Killzone 2 Does the same thing.

OOG3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

personally I do wonder what Killzone is doing that is helping define the genre tho...they supposedly are doing everything really well....but I dont see anything genre defining....So id like to know what they are truly doing to define the genre? And the answer cant be graphics....because they will always get better and better....

*(if anyone happy to see why you think the game in genre get someones else perspective on it)

RememberThe3573557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

You basically just paraphrased the entire article.

EDIT: @below: To be honest I don't think killzone 2 can be compared to any other FPS. The closest is COD4 and seeing both in motion, you can see the vast difference in gameplay. I think that is the defining factor is the list of games to mentioned. GoldenEye, Half-Life, and Halo 1 could not be compared to any other FPS out at the time. I see Killzone 2 in the same light.

Fr0ZzZeN3557d ago

Exactly. There's nothing genre defining about Killzone. It's a great game, but it wont re-invent the genre as the best FPS have done(Goldeneye, Half Life, Halo 1)

Gun_Senshi3557d ago

halo defined FPS hahahahahahha

KZ2 has FPS Cover system. something we never saw.

LostCypher113557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Actually Halo 1 Was very defining in the terms of Console FPS... But thanks for coming out. and the Cover system has been done in Rainbow 6 forever now.

pwnsause3557d ago

well, the fact that they are refining a class system and keeping a cover system in first person shows that it can be Genre defining.

OOG3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

class systems and cover systems have both been around for a while....and how does that do anything to define the genre??...hell they dont even use the cover system in the most important part of FPS games nowadays.... the ONLINE!.... and still im yet to see anyone give it a valid point of what is really so genre defining in this game....

pwnsause3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

but can you combine the classes? thats were Im getting at. prior games like TF has this system, but you cant combine one with the other.

in terms of the cover system, name one game that does it without switch from First person to third person.

of course people will disagree with me. I know prior games like Rainbow 6 does the cover system, but it switches from First person to 3rd person. see what I mean?

Thats why I believe KZ2 is Genre defining, that's my opinion. Its Genre defining because its improving/refining on things that could of been done right on an FPS.

Firstkn1ghT3556d ago

KZ2 doesn't do anything new. All it does is borrow from everything else and mixes it in a pot. A twist of Call of Duty 4 with a heavy dose of every other dark war FPS with a sprinkle of Team Fortress 2 and you get KZ2.

evrfighter3556d ago

we've hit a new low in gaming if people think a R6 cover system that doesn't go out of 1st person is genre defining.

That makes me sad. I'm going to go have a smoke now because I feel a /facepalm of epic proportions comin on.

pwnsause3556d ago

"we've hit a new low in gaming if people think a R6 cover system that doesn't go out of 1st person is genre defining.

That makes me sad. I'm going to go have a smoke now because I feel a /facepalm of epic proportions comin on."

how is it sad? its innovation. ok maybe i didn't write my statement correctly. but taking the fundamental of something to making it better is some thing that I see thats more than just good. its nothing to /facepalm about.

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