LEGO Batman corrupts children?

Globe and Mail deconstructs the CCFC's argument that this admittedly commercial kids game is oppressive and destructive to young children. From the story:

"...The CCFC's beef, it seems to me, has more to do with the Danish building blocks than the game. They're upset that LEGO has partnered with various companies to offer building sets based on commercial properties. Fair enough. But the complaint that themed construction sets make children use their imagination less than non-themed sets has no bearing on a video game.

And to suggest that LEGO is dispensing with hands-on building altogether by turning its toy into a video game is simply wrong. The aisles of toy stores that have been dedicated to LEGO products are proof of that. The game is, at best, a supplement to the toy, not a substitute. It's a completely different kind of experience. It doesn't satisfy creative desire, and if kids have this desire they'll still want to play with the blocks.

Plus, the CCFC's description of the contents of the game makes it seem as though they didn't even play it. LEGO Batman is less about selecting "which cyber weapons to use to beat up opponents" than it is about solving puzzles, adventuring, collecting bricks, and building stuff. That's why the LEGO games have earned accolades from parent-oriented review outlets, such as Common Sense Media.

And their final complaint, that McDonald's offered LEGO Batman-themed toys with Happy Meals, has nothing do with the actual game. This was the work of a group of marketing executives who would have had no input on the game's content or design. Take it up with Ronald and the Warner Bros...."

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