Mytran Wars Details Revealed

Deep Silver has let slip some details about its upcoming futuristic turn-based strategy title, Mytran Wars.

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thetamer3554d ago

RTS on the PSP, that's awesome. I love the PSP, so much so that I could sleep with a funky human. A funky smelling one.

Dorjan3554d ago

Some old story, so this game better have a great engine.

Leord3554d ago

Interesting. I just remember StarCraft 64 on the N64. An absolute nightmare. Are they able to make good RTS games on console nowadays, really? o.O

Maticus3554d ago

Yeah this is hardly a new concept. Let's hope it has something special going for it.

Da One3554d ago

some of you don't know what TURN BASED STRATEGY means.........

This is completely different than RTS.........

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