SCEE safe (for now)

Talk writes:"With reports coming in about Sony's upcoming $2.9 billion, SCE let word out that SCEE has not been included in the plans to cut jobs and downsize operations. Sony is currently busy trying to make a restructuring plan to safe YEN 250bn before 2010."

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Cajun Chicken3560d ago

SCEE, at least the damn PSN sector.

Maddens Raiders3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Feb 27, 2009. SCEE, SCEA, SCEJ, & SCEI are fine and will only get better as these years roll by...i think anyone who is honest with themselves knows that. Sony is a long - term, pragmatic, forward thinking company especially when it comes to their consoles and audio /video & camera equipment. They are pioneers in this arena and have the "know-how" which lends itself to growth along with timely trims here and there. Nothing unusual inside the world of business...

Everything else here is FUD.

@ RoyFlav below -- They are not a willy nilly throw anything out and see what sticks company...hence why you're not going to find them coming out boasting about what they're "going to do..."

-GametimeUK-3560d ago

They cant cut jobs at SCEE anyway... It appears to me no one works there to begin with...

RoyFlav3560d ago

I've read the source story and stap me vitals but I can't actually find any citation or source to SCE actually announcing that SCEE is safe.

Nearest I could see was from MCV:

But even that's SCEE talking about SCEE.

I'm mostly confused going forward out of the box on this one 24/7.

Da One3559d ago

Than the SCEA and SCEJ............any idiot would know that they should be safe..............but then again this is SONY, they haven't been the sharpest set of people behind a desk