Noby Noby Boy Is Just Five Bucks

Kotaku writes, "Namco Bandai's American arm confirmed the updated release date of Noby Noby Boy today, putting a low, low price on the PlayStation 3-bound thing-eating game. It's cheap. Five measly bucks cheap.

Due on February 19th, the PlayStation Network release will let plays stuff the titular BOY with everything in the game world, letting him stretch to incredible lengths. Recorded gameplay videos can be uploaded to YouTube from within game and players can collaborate online to unlock new stuff."

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Cajun Chicken3555d ago

Be getting that one when it arrives in EU.

ppisatosspot3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

A full game for 5 bucks only on PLAYSTATION®3

It's about the same price as that fireplace you Xbots bought aye?

DrWan3555d ago

very innovative, everyoen in the world collaborate to unlock new area.