The Inside Exclusive on Exclusives

Gamerlimit: "One might wonder what persuades a developer to offer their games on numerous consoles (or restrict them to one)? Another might wonder why all developers do not follow suit? See, there are multiple answers for these questions, both technical and financial. Having been in the gaming industry for about three years, working most of my time for Real Time World, (the developers of Crackdown), I have learned enough looking at both the technical and business side of this argument to understand why developers choose to have exclusives for particular franchises. Let's take a closer look."


Why RPG's are exclusive.

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Fullish3653d ago

Damn that was a long read.

Ziriux3653d ago

Indeed. Learned some new things as well. I must agree with the writer on Killzone 2 and MGS4. I think they'll stay on one console.

chrisjc3653d ago

Yea, this article was very thorough.

LazyPhalanges3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

"No matter the outcome, this baby is siding with Sony for technical reasons alone."
And this would have nothing to do with Sony owning GG? Realy?

and the same goes for Halo and Gears of War, they aren’t on the PS3 because Microsoft own the rights to them.(does Microsoft own the rights to Gears or do the just have a deal with Epic?)

Ziriux3653d ago

Of course Lazy. Everyone knows that, but I wanted to point out because of the technical reasons as well.

LazyPhalanges3653d ago

1. I didn’t mean to be offensive, I was only pointing out that it wasint “technical reasons alone” (although I don’t believe Killzone 2 could be done on Xbox360/Wii/NES haha).

2. If everyone knew this already then why post this article?

3. Did you write this? If so I like the article, with the exception of that one statement (which is amazing for me that there was only one thing that bothered me, so props for you). If not than my comment wasn’t aimed at you.

Cinotix3652d ago

Indeed pal, thanks for the comments. I'm suprised that an article that rants about Microsoft is doing hotter. Ah well.