Hurting for Diablo III? Download Median XL to Ease the Pain

The Angry Pixel writes: "Alright, show of hands. How many of you out there suddenly developed the urge to reinstall Diablo II right after Blizzard revealed the series successor to the world during last summer of oh-eight. Yeah, that's what we thought. And as many of you already know, Blizzard can be quite the Mr. Fussy Pants when it comes to narrowing down release dates, so speculating on Diablo III's possible holy coming doesn't lend itself much to conversation. However shall we cope with this inexcusable wait!

Fortunately, there are various means to pass the time. If you're looking to experiment with other promising alternatives, there are a handful of Diablo clones to ride off of. But if you're not up to putting down the cash, why not download Median XL - a free Lord of Destruction mod."

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Jeebus3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Never uninstalled it =)

and this mod sounds pretty nice though. I'll have to try it out

ThanatosDMC3555d ago

Doesnt look good especially since it doesnt seem balanced.

Jeebus3555d ago

Diablo is all about overpowered characters just smashing through countless enemies anyway though, and a completely expanded skill tree sounds great

Swarm3555d ago

Didn't reinstall Diablo 2 (god help me to find those CD's) but I did end up picking up Titan Quest + Expansion on one of those Steam weekend deals. Great Diablo clone and diversion for a little while for anyone interested.