PS Blog: You will be seeing Killzone 2 ads everywhere very soon.

In a reply to one of the PS Blog comments, Mike Graham (Associate Producer in SCEA) had to say this:

"Thanks everyone for the positive reception! I can confirm that we definitely have Trophies in the title.

And I can also say that you will be seeing Killzone 2 ads everywhere very soon. Our Marketing guys have been working their tail off."

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Blademask5516d ago

1. Uncharted
2. Ratchet & Clank
3. Little Big Planet
4. MGS4
5. Killzone2
6. Resistance2
7. PS3 console advertising in general
8. Advertising In General
9. All Advertising
10. Advertising
11. See 1-10

I'll believe it when its played non-stop like 360 commercials, until then. Sony can take their 1 ad that runs at midnight on the Womens Channel that gets cut off half way by some ad for local furniture sales and shove it up Kaz's dark areas.

I really cant understand Sony's advertising this generation. 1/2 the commercials scare everyone to death. And the rest never show the games/product. The only good PS3 campaign was the "ladies and gentlemen please" rock and roll video with the orbiting morphing PS3. The rest have all been ass water.

Xandet5516d ago

This is the ONE thing they needed to work the most on. It really is awesome how they took all the negative feedback to heart and treated us like something other than just a "customer." I guess talk is cheap, but I can't wait to see what they pull off! Hopefully this will be a starting block for future titles as well..

Ace_Shooter5516d ago

that was great and comical man. bubbles to you.

on topic: Guess we'll just wait and see. SONY i know exactly how to market your products. Where can i fill out a resume??

TheTwelve5516d ago

Good. Drown the world in Killzone 2. I want to see it at the SuperBowl too. Put it on during UFC.


Mindboggle5516d ago

If the ads are just for US then its pointless. EU and Japan are Sonys biggest market and limiting the Mass marketing to 1 country will definetly not achieve much. They need global advertising on a massive scale to make this game the MGS4 sales killer they are hoping for.

Blademask5516d ago

Sony doesn't advertise. It might be because they have a worldwide arena to factor in, but the NA advertisments are always lacking compared to the 360.

I swear, I've probably had my bubbles removed by more Sony fans than 360 fans. Hell my avatar is a kitten w/helghast.

JD_Shadow5516d ago

I agree. I can see a KZ2 Super Bowl ad happening. Would love to see what they come up with.

FrankenLife5516d ago

I don't watch TV. Will you still get ads out to me? Billboards, busses, magazines(non-gaming), and non gaming websites.


whoelse5516d ago

If you think SCEA's past efforts at advertising are bad, you should come to Europe!

TheExecutive5516d ago

I will believe it when i see it... until then...

joydestroy5516d ago

i hope they advertise. it will do this game some good.

btw, the boxart is sweeet!!!

Maddens Raiders5516d ago (Edited 5516d ago )

I'll believe it when I see it, but I won't so no big deal.

But anyway, Blademask you forgot to mention Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift on that list of yours.

only The Best OFF-ROAD Racing Game of ALL-TIME. No advertising worth a damn to speak of....the commercials were pulled way too early.

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Nathan Drake5516d ago

I do believe however they will spend 2 Million+ Dollars for marketing the game on Mags,Sites,and of course,a commercial or two.

DJ5516d ago

Pretty much everyone in America will be watching. Even showing the opening Intro Sequence would be worthwhile.

MAR-TYR-DOM5516d ago

Superbowl commercial for 30 seconds cost 3 MILLION dollars. Thats how big sony's market budget is for playstation in a year. Sony would be crazy to do something so stupid like that. Waste of money. I say spend a lot of money on ads during Prime Time 4 - 7 pm.

Snow5516d ago

Superbowl advertisment + Killzone 2 Ballet of death video = Pure win.

Rambo5516d ago

Sir, do we get to win this time?

no-spin5516d ago

Super Bowl ad = Risky business

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Helghast Slayer5516d ago

I hope so. Round here in the Aus i hardly see anything Sony related apart from the normal blu ray, bravia tv's and vaio computer ads.

cryymoar5516d ago

they steal my ads and use them. like my myspace one, ZOMG!

Crazyglues5516d ago

They will probably start showing up in the subways and bus stops soon...

GiantEnemyLobster5516d ago

Nobody is going to buy this crappy game. Why bother wasting even more money on advertising? Damn sony way to shoot yourself in the foot.