Upgrade Your Wii

Maybe it is not technically Wii 1.5 but an upgrade is an upgrade and everyone likes to have the new and improved version over the old original. New features and new games available right now on a Wii near you.

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Powertesties3653d ago

Upgrade the Wii?

Remember the N64? The memory expansion.


Forget it! I am not upgrading that toy.

GFahim3653d ago

then can i ask why do u even have it?
or are u just saying that so that u can stealthily bash the wii?

regardless all i can say is that u are an absolute POS. simple.

darthv723653d ago

didnt nintendo have a fw update that adds dvd playback? I am sure it is capable but why don't they?

Or at least throw in a media channel for playing mov and avi and divx files. The gc could play divx used in games (rogue squadron series had some cool clips) so I don't understand nintendo being standoffish.

I actually have a cool idea. Similar to the theater in home but using the mii's stored on your system. A media channel where it looks like the mii's are sitting in a movie theater and when playing the movie you can either make it full screen or leave it looking like sitting in the theater (ala mystery science theater 3000).

Making the video full screen is what the "home" theater is lacking.

FantasyStar3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I'm pretty sure that the DVD-Playback is not supported or endorsed by Nintendo. It was the scene that allowed for DVD-Playback. The MSRP inflation would've been too much if Nintendo decided that DVD-Playback wasn't worth it.

barakiu3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

never have to buy a game again...

even if you want to support developers you could buy a copy of a new game, leave it sealed, wait untill the resell value is greater than the value you purchased the game for...

= profit?


LONEWOLF2313653d ago

I upgraded mine 4 days ago.

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