Socom U. S. Navy Seals: Confrontation 1.3 Patch Impressions

Socom Confrontation has come a long way since its release. It started with many issues such as unpredictable servers, game kicks, and system reboots. Slant Six has resolved the vast majority of these problems, and added a plethora of new features with over a hundred game fixes in this update.

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C_SoL3558d ago

and I enjoy it when I play it but I still wish /6 wouldn't have fuked it up so bad.

I always wonder what it would have looked like if GG would have developed it or Zipper.

Until then I'm waiting for that gameplay footage from MAG.

Powertesties3558d ago

This is the first game I have ever purchased and wanted a refund. Sure, I have picked up games that I have disliked before and you know what, I should have done my research before hand.

I purchased this game because I needed something to play. It isn't a bad game by any means, just put together in such a horrible way, it still should be in development. Even with the updates, it is a long way from being complete.

The biggest problem is the freaking load times. WOW. These are the longest load times I have ever experienced...ever. Painful to watch and some times, painful to play.

The whole system is slow and buggy and needs to be refreshed BIGTIME.

I want a refund. No company should push a title out the door when it is far from being complete enough to even play. Eventually it will get there though and the problems will be solved.

Too bad the graphics stink. No fixing that I am sure. It looks like PS2 character models running around on 1st generation 360/ps3 backgrounds. The rocks look pretty good, the characters do not.

Yep, I want a refund.

joydestroy3557d ago

uhm, i love this game. fav game on my PS3 currently. i don't have many issues at all.

Panthers3557d ago

Zipper should not have been any better. They ruined Socom 3. At lest we have communication with /6, something Zipper never provided. Dont expect MAG to be spectacular either, but who knows.

As for GG developing it, I would be worried about it being way too arcady. Socom does not need to be like KZ2, Halo, R2, or any FPS game. It is so much better than those games.

BattleAxe3557d ago

Socom 3 was way better then Confrontation. I just can't stand the fact that some people will be such fanboys to defend anything with a Socom name on it.

I'm a huge fan of Socom over all, but Slant Six made a crappy game.


Zipper Interactive made Socom what it is, and as far as I'm concerned Sony should have told Zipper to stick with making the next sequel being that Socom is supposed to be one of Sony's flagship titles. So if you don't like Zipper, then how did you ever become a Socom fan? Doesn't make sense.

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Liquid Snake3558d ago

Either way i hate Socom games. The clan nerds/geeks/losers in it piss me off. When I play a game i want the choice of

1) Playing Solo
2) Not using a mic
3) Camping
4) Being Rambo

I don't care if this is a team based game. When I PAY for a game i play the way I WANT.

lokiroo4203558d ago

That really doesnt make much sense.

Liquid Snake3558d ago

let me explain it again, those 4 points i listed are looked down upon in the Socom Community. If you do either of them you get team killed, kicked (out of the room)or sworn at. I am saying when i play a game i should have a choice in the way i play, the 'community' shouldnt dictate how i play.

Shoduke3557d ago

Ok, so what if team killing is someone's "way"? Is that alright then? No. Play the game as its meant to be played, for the sake of yourself, and the other people playing. Trust me, it's 100x more fun and rewarding to play socom tactically. Give it a try. You might even find that it's better than playing solo.

Mr_Bun3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Your comment makes about as much sense as hating a Gran Turismo game for not allowing you to get out of your car and start shooting at the other racers....There are games that are aimed for what you want.

Panthers3557d ago

I am one of the people that would vote you out. Not wearing a mic is terrible. Socom is the first PS3 game to get most people wearing a headset because if they dont, they will be voted.

Same goes for doing your own thing. Doesnt work in Socom, especially if you are sucking. If you run off and get 4-5 kills, the awesome. But if you always die and suck, voted

Maddens Raiders3557d ago

I echo what lokiroo420 said. that about does it....

lephunk3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

go ahead and create your own world to play with your self in.....

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Xbots3558d ago

How's that gear 2 patch coming ?

lokiroo4203558d ago

Hasgiantenemycrabs you shut up pretty quick there.

Jager3558d ago

Dang GEL, you just got owned.

ppisatosspot3557d ago

Gaylo 3 patches
Gayble 2 Patches
Queers of War 1.5 patches
Banjo Gayzooie Patches
Gay Castle Crashers Patches

oh and that RROD patch Microsucks plans on charging you for 1800MS points.

Stryfeno23557d ago

S.O.D.U.M.B patches released Sept 08, Oct 08, Nov 08, Dec 08, Jan 09 and soon to be release Fed 09 patch.

LMAO that's just one game.

ELite_Ghost3557d ago

soo what 360 good exclusives are coming out this year? name 2...

gaylo wars and?????????????????????????

-GametimeUK-3557d ago

I was in the BETA and omg what a fail of a game... I will stick to Warhawk thank you very much... I may get the game for the mic actually but KZ2 is out first sooooo sorry SOCOM... KZ2 actually deserves my attention more than you :-)

btw can anyone tell me what the mic is like?

joydestroy3557d ago

the mic is awesome! some say it's uncomfortable, but i love it more than my other bluetooth mic. it's clear and works perfectly.

callahan093557d ago

The mic is fantastic. I have both the Socom w/ mic bundle and the Warhawk w/ Mic bundle. This mic beats the hell out of the Warhawk mic. It's not even a contest. I always had problems with the Warhawk mic just not working randomly after a match ended. It would just stop transmitting my voice, I could still hear everyone but they couldn't hear me. That's never happened with the new one for me. Also, it has nice indicators for battery power on the XMB, it connects with much greater ease, it has better audio quality, and the battery life is about three times longer. It's complete win.

va_bank3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Sound quality is great, but very uncomfortable for me. Someone on N4G suggested to me that I remove the rubber ring around the earpiece, and it did become slightly more comfortable.

For $50 there are better bluetooth sets out there.

@callahan09 - Actually, this set connects much slower then the Jabra that came with Warhawk, although it's a minor issue and I'd still pick the Sony set over Jabra, because of quality.

-GametimeUK-3557d ago

Damn thanks guys :-)

Yeah I will pick the game up for the headset... I guess SOCOM will be fun for half an hour here and there (its better than paying for the stand alone headset)... I currently use the Jabra I got with Warhawk and it does the job fine... But an upgrade would deffo be nice and it looks like this is the headset to own XD

once again thanks again guys... bubbles for the help

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