Rumor: God of War 3 A Year Away From Alpha?

So the year 2008 is gone! Now we have 2009 and it's already the half of 1st month is gone. I can tell this year will be busy like hell. God of War III is less than a year away from hitting alpha... now that's scary. I had a relaxing time off during the new years and almost back on track with working and working on my personal stuff. Anyhow- here are some paintings that I started a while ago.
Witch is flying through some fruitland and the second one is I am not sure what it is. Bye.



Disregard all info on this article! None of this is true!

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Carbide75368d ago

I'll place my money on '09

Powertesties5367d ago

...is likely. I don't want anything rushed. Let them take their time and release a title that is polish, beautiful and frankly amazing.

Sony needs killer titles and so does it's gamers.

thor5367d ago

I agree with you Nate.

I'm not sure if GT5 can make it out WORLDWIDE by the end of '09 but it will be out in some territories for sure.

INehalemEXI5367d ago

Im not in a rush to play GoW 3 I agree take the time to make it as epic as possible. Plenty coming soon to keep me busy.

Danja5367d ago

GT5 will probably hit..Europe and Japan late 2009...and NA ..spring 2010...or they might just do a simultaneous release this fall..

GOW3 is coming out Feb/March 2010.....i've always stated that and I dont mind cuz Sony already have enuff games hitting this fall....

dont wanna over shadow all thos games with GOW3..or have them cannibalize each other like they did last fall

Serjikal_Strike5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

for 2010 release


@jonondaspot check the link dude....

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sunnygrg5367d ago

OMG Nathan Drake, did El derado got you too? like the Spaniards?

Kleptic5367d ago

alpha, beta, and gold are always screwed up when it comes to what a developer/publisher actually shows you anyway...

I would actually bet money AGAINST any 2009 release for GOW III...and put my chips on holiday 2010...but wouldn't be overly surprised if it did come in spring 2010...2009 isn't likely imo...the game is using a lot of killzone 2 engine assets according to insiders..which will massively help development time in terms of laying the foundation for the game...but its still supposed to a be massive finale to the franchise, at least in terms of kratos' story...and 2009 is already completely packed anyway...

again...late 2010 is my bet...we'll see though...

thats_just_prime5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

I've said all along this is a 2010 title at the eariest. My bet is nov 2010. Ms will counter GooW3 with GoW3.We might also see GT5 and Forza 3 face off in 2010. To top it off FF13 will be hitting the us/uk in 2010 seem like 2010 is going to be one hell of a year for gaming

whoelse5367d ago

I'm guessing next March like previous games.

Karum5367d ago

I gotta agree with Drake on those release dates

Jinxstar5367d ago

For anyone who wants to know how the game development cycle works. hit the link.


GOW3 will be march of 2010. All the other GOW games were march releases and I don't see this being different.

cjflora5367d ago

Why are so many of you analysts? Is it really that important for people to think you will guess the right release date, or did a whole bunch of statisticians and analysts recently become gamers? "People don't believe me that it'll be in 2010, but I keep telling them." Unless you work for Sony or are a part of the development team, I frankly don't really give a $hit when YOU say it's going to be released. Get over yourselves...

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Simon_Brezhnev5368d ago

i want god of war and twisted metal next year


(drooling) nex-gen TWISTED METAL mmmmmmmmmmm good

ToastyMcNibbles5368d ago

i know this is a blog but i really thought this was important..also if you guys read the comments you can see that he states no god of war 3 for this year

t_tocs5368d ago

and how the hell would he know? You need to read the rules of posting before you lost the ability to.

t_tocs5368d ago

He may be the concept artist, but that's like me being working in the FBI gift shop claiming to know where Usama Bin Laden is. He's a no one. Very non reliable source.

ToastyMcNibbles5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

he would know because he is the concept artist in god of war 3 and was the concept artist in the first 2 god of war games...quit being so tight

t_tocs5368d ago

trust me...The concept artist is just that...an artist. He's not a developer, not a big time CEO, he has nothing to do with when the game is released. Also, he would be one of the last to find out if it was delayed. He's no big whig...he has no credibility. It's just a rumor...at best. A rumor that could have some validity, but one that is not definite.

This is not news...

And if you still feel strongly about this, then link to the comment section you speak of...not his main page.

ToastyMcNibbles5368d ago

That's why the story is labeled under "rumor"...and check the comment section yourself...if him saying they're a year away from alpha isn't enough then I don't know what is

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Product5367d ago

Conceptual artists could be part of the creative team that puts the game together and there for would be there till the end of production.I would take this guys word over anyone who posts on n4g thats for sure especially if hes on the creative team and wasnt just the conceptual artist that handed his art over to a animator.

Giriath5367d ago (Edited 5367d ago )

You don't seriously think he wouldn't know when they're aiming to release it, do you? He's a part of the development team! Development teams have meetings, goals and deadlines, just like every other company. You think the cameraman of a film crew doesn't know their deadline?

5367d ago
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sonic19895368d ago

i'm ok with it beside i got alot of games to look forward to.

Helghast Slayer5368d ago

Well with the amount of AAA ps3 exclusiives this year the only logical thing for Sony to do is release it early 2010. That way they can have another strong start to the new year just like killzone2. It's called wise strategy mate. I doubt the competition would have anything to offer that early in the year.