Lunar Knights - DS Review

From the review: "While it might be premature to hail 2007 as "the year of the DS", we're certainly on the right path. First Hotel Dusk wows everyone, then Kojima Productions rolls out the amazing "sequel" to the Boktai games: Lunar Knights Not only is Lunar Knights an incredible DS game, but it's one of the best action games seen in a long time.

Kojima has added a great deal to Lunar Knights which makes it feel very fresh and different from the Boktai series; one feature, for better or worse, though, has been removed. The 14 people that played Boktai in America know that a huge part of the game is the sun sensor built into the cartridge, and that feature is absent from Lunar Knights. This feature split everyone's opinions about Boktai; some thought the feature was innovative and cool, while others thought it made the game a pain to play."

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