PALGN: Real Football 2009 Review

PALGN writes: "When you think of portable gaming, the sporting genre is perhaps not the first to come to mind. Nonetheless, it's a genre that has popped up now again with certain exemplary titles that have captured their respective sports on a portable front, and now that we live in a wacky futuristic age where handhelds are capable of similar three-dimensional gameplay to their console counterparts, we start seeing games like Real Football 2009 which actually work pretty well. It may not be FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, but with the solid gameplay on offer this year the Real Football series may just become a contender after all.

Real Football 2009 comes replete with all the standard modes, including Exhibition to get straight into the action, several Cups (International, European Club, European National, Asian, American and African), six Leagues (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and National), a fun Penalty Kick mini-game, and wireless Multiplayer for up to four players via multi-card. Of all of these, the Cups and Leagues provide the most content, although you can modify their difficulty and the length of matches from five minutes to twenty. Finally, the game is also home to 198 teams with real player names and twelve real stadiums."

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