Revisit Classic Co-op Games

Kube00 Says: Co-op games have slowly faded to the back of gaming much like simulation games. What was once a thriving industry with a purpose has given away to each of us owning a 360, Wii, PS3, or a PC and playing with and against our friends scattered all over the U.S. With the exception of music-based games such as Rockband and Guitar Hero, co-op play in one room is unheard of.

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ohnoTheRancor3556d ago

this article is missing two of the best offline co-op games:
-Champions of Norrath
-Champions: Return to Arm

i still break these game out every now and again... too bad Untold Legends for PS3 sucked

kube003556d ago

I had forgotten about those games. And of course Fallout Brotherhood of Steel!