The Killzone 2 Countdown Timer now Live.

The good folks over at have now put live the Killzone 2 countdown clock.
Instead of spoiling the Gameplay and Intro scenes via endless Videos why not simply watch the clock as it makes progress to Midnight 26th Feb 2009.

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Gamekings3558d ago

for a midnight launch of this stellar title (perhaps the best game ever)

TheHater3558d ago

me and my friend will :)

thereapersson3558d ago

Are there even going to be midnight launches of this game? I didn't know Gamestop was planning one...

PotNoodle3558d ago

Wow.. I'm excited for this game too - but i've played it and i'll tell you now - it is not the best game ever. Its an amazing game, yes - but the best? no.

No game can ever surpass the hype you lot put on these games.

thereapersson3558d ago

Yeah, there's too much hype this generation for way too many games.

I've made up my mind that for the next month I am going to stay out of anything that is related to Killzone 2. I know I've said it in the past, but this time I mean it. I need to be refreshed by the time the game comes out, and too many videos and reviews will diminish the impact for me, I fear.

HardcoreGamer3558d ago

i cant do that just for a game there is lots of other impoprtant things people do in life, wait a minute im hardcoregamer,,,, outta the way ppl im goin to the front of the line, but honestly i play games hardcore lol, not line up for them. but i give you this there is a whatever flaots your boat style of excitement for waiting in line for midnight launches

Rhythmattic3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )


Hey, That Countdown picture they are using is from a 70's/80's program from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting commission) A music show way before MTV.

(Also replayed on RAGE)

Bathyj3558d ago

Nice spot Rhythmattic. Molly would be spewing.

I dont agree this game is overhyped. Its living up to every expectation on every front. Isn't the hype justified.

Of course we could all just be a bit sick of hearing about it already and just want it now, but it still deserves every good thing thats been said about it.

Rhythmattic3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I dont expect anything from K2, expectations I believe for me will be met extraordinarily.

After watching the translated Dutch interview with the GG team, with their professionalism, Humbleness, passion and creativeness they will surely have their Goal realised.

(may be spoilers for some)

I for one, am going to enjoy all that hard work.

joevfx3558d ago

the liek for a game is in opinion, i might think the best game ever is different from what you think the best game ever is. so you saying its NOT th ebest game ever is the same as someone else saying it IS the best game ever. its all opinion. for instance so far i think th ebest game ever is Battlefield 1942 for the PC that came out 5 or 6 years ago. what do you think the best game ever is?

himdeel3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

...the demo goes live via the Gamestop scratch off card for pre-orders. February 5th = Killzone 2 demo goes live = fantastic!

It's going to be fun times for all.

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Baba19063558d ago

cant wait for this. will be really cool i hope.

anubis123558d ago

my gamestop is not...they are for RE5

Rhythmattic3558d ago

Yeh but PS3 owners get both.

infamous_273558d ago

I've been watching this for 13 minutes now...

Fishy Fingers3558d ago

Only 52443 left to go... ;)

komp3558d ago

:) youve made my day

thereapersson3558d ago

That would be awesome if the characters did different things based off of how close the timer gets to zero. Like, what if they started shooting "holes" in the screen or something?

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