Neocrisis: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Neocrisis: Devil May Cry 4 is the latest installment to the Devil May Cry series. There are two noticeable changes many people who were following this game have noticed from previous ones; the first is that DMC4 is the first Devil May Cry game that is multiplatform. Also, Dante is no longer the main character. Being a fan of the previous DMC games, well except 2, this game was a must get. Does Nero, who is the new main protagonist, succeed in filling in the shoes to the charismatic demon slayer Dante?

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Egzekutor3609d ago

Isnt this a bit late for a DMC4 review ?? This game was out a long time ago ?

Its a great game by the way and it deserves a 9/10.

SAiOSiN3609d ago

one fn year old already. WTF? anyway i give this game a 9/10. i enjoyed it a lot. also had a great story line.

Frulond3609d ago

can't tell you my reasons cause if I do will spoil the game