OPM Australia Killzone 2 Review scans

A user over at Gametrailers.com forums has posted scans of the review, click the link to see the scans.

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Graphics Whore5520d ago (Edited 5520d ago )

Oh my god, obviously it's so biased.


Killzone 2. D-e-l-i-v-e-r-s.

Say it with meh.

D e l i v e r s.

jkhan5520d ago

what ever floats your boat mate:P

5520d ago
RememberThe3575520d ago

maybe a 9/10.

Not that I'm surprised or anything.

thor5520d ago

The very last comment they make, summing up Killzone 2 in just 2 words:

"Just superb".


monkpunk15520d ago

Pre ordered from Play yesterday, i also ordered sf4 and booked the monday and tuesday after their release off work too. Gaming heaven lol!

JoySticksFTW5520d ago

and all the other nit-picking from some previews.

Don't worry though, Edge won't let us down.

I can alomst feel that 6/10 rating :)

Kleptic5520d ago

Edge, Eurogamer, and Gametrailers will definitely fix it, as you pointed out...

Edge will just complain because mario is no where to be found...Eurogamer will say 'a good effort for the PS3, but would have been better on the 360'...and GT?...a simple video review without audio entirely...and 7/10 at the end...GT doesn't even need to have commentary for their reviews anymore...as they obviously have nothing to do with the end score anyway...

not to mention various GT staff blatantly admitting that they don't care for the PS3...and that the 360 has, and always will have, 'superior content'...I guarantee for every positive review of killzone 2...there will be several ungrounded, unjustified, pre-conceived reviews from several sites and mags...

Orange5520d ago

My worry is that OPM Australia gave World at War a 10/10 and called it a white knuckle thrill ride of the year. Personally, I was very disappointed in WaW...it was technically and artistically inferior to Modern Warfare.

thor5520d ago

They also said "Killzone 2 is the best console first person shooter ever". Now regardless of whether or not CoD:WaW is the second best, they still think it tops Modern Warfare and Resistance 2, which is no mean feat.


"Pre-conceived" is the word I'm going to pick out of your post. It's pretty much spot-on. Pre-conceived notions of KZ2 include:
The graphics are perfect
The gameplay is lacking
The innovation is lacking
The AI is poor

Many of these CANNOT be overturned in people's minds. There is NO such thing as perfect graphics so the flaws will be duly noted. By analysing the gameplay too much people will say it's inferior because they won't be having fun - they'll be analysing the gameplay. By even bringing up the topic of innovation they will bring up games that have "done it before" such as cover systems, class-based multiplayer etc. and forget that KZ2 is as unique a game as you can get. There is no AI that can behave like a human being (yet) and so KZ2's AI will have flaws.

We might also get some oddball comments about the occasional pauses (when loading/streaming the level in certain sections). I'm sure this will be enough to take off a mark or two (Gears 2's MP issues don't deserve the same treatment though).

watchem5520d ago

Emperor visari voiced by Brian Cox the physicist?

somethingSQUISHY5520d ago

You know,OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE (Australia)? Don't you think it is in their best interest to give the most hyped PS3 exclusive game ever a perfect score?? Geezus.

Watkins5520d ago

I like
"Worse than: Ability to fly
Better than: Resistance 2"

IdleLeeSiuLung5520d ago (Edited 5520d ago )

So far so good and I'm really hyped up about this game!!! A review from an independent site instead of official PS magazine that all agree would be best.

However, I want to judge this myself and want the demo now, not the day before the game is released before plunking down $60+.

Whoa Its Wes5519d ago

Umm just because its the Official Playstation Magazine doesn't make them biased.. get your head out of your a$$

Crispy5519d ago

As this is the official mag for the ps3, wouldn't you think they'd give a superb score. Ill believe the hype once i get my hands on it, the internet just isn't being fair with this game

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Rangitahi5520d ago

quite possibly the greatest game of our lives

jontay5520d ago

aye...a very bold statement! i just cant wait to play!

sagapo5520d ago

i guess you haven't played that much games then...

anyway, KZ2 looks to be great tho.

SL1M DADDY5520d ago

And the list of greatest games ever played is fairly long. For me, there is nothing wrong with having multiple games as greatest games for one player. From the sounds of it, Killzone 2 will be added to that list. Where it winds up on that list in numerical order is yet to be discovered but my hopes for the title are high.

Rangitahi5520d ago

once in a while a game comes along n blows everythinng youve ever played out of the water,

with the physics in KZ2 this looks to be one of those games.

the only thing i hate about gettin games like this is having a sleepless night before launch day.

emitsomla5519d ago

In terms of animation, Killzone 2 will become the bench mark in which future FPSs will model after. Killzone's animation is flawless, and quite remarkable.... too bad the textures don't match it!!!!! ANIMATION IS ABOVE ALL, but GRAPHICALLY (TEXTURES) this game is way overhyped by sony cult members....

crillyconlig5519d ago

textures are unbelevable, as a beta tester i can say that, i presume youve played the games too?

SlyGuy5519d ago

and ordered the 50 CENT game instead! DOH!

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