Gamer's Info Review: Dinosaur King

GI writes: "No one person is truly immune to hype. It's a part of life from which we cannot escape due to the way society currently functions. There are things we can resist or ignore rather easily. Such as the past 20 years of the show Law & Order. I did a rather good job resisting NCIS until now (curse you USA Network ... curse you!). Or the latest Mary Higgins Clark novel. But back in the mid 1990s, there was one craze that no child - or gamer - could truly resist. And that game was the Red and Blue versions of Pokemon for the original Nintendo Game Boy. What made those two games work underneath the crazily cute monsters was the simple fact that it was a solid, traditional role-playing game. Well, folks, Sega has released a game for the Nintendo DS in this vein known as Dinosaur King. So is this clone any good? Well, no, it is not that great."

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