Killzone 2 Intro from Gametrailers

Intro to Killzone in HD.

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BananaSlug3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

day one anyone?

BulletToothtony3557d ago

It is a really truly epic intro.. I'm starting to feel like when i played mgs4.. I love when a game surpasses all your expectations.

Naucious3556d ago

i agree wit the guy above me, I didnt want to watch it but it was like a light that keeps calling you, man i know theres a lot of hype around it but right now its working cause it looks damn good right now, the only time i got this exccited is when MGS4 came out. I know that was cg but what to kick off a game with an amazing intro. If you look closely i like the detail they put in the characters faces when they get shot down. One guy u can already tell that his life escaped his body as soon as he took the hit in his heart, let alone the guy who got shot in the head totally lifeless. It lets me know that this is real and this is war.

Gureilla I salute u havent seen an intro like that in a while now.

eelnats20003557d ago

i said that once in a killzone story, and the xbox fanboys bubbled me down...


BananaSlug3557d ago

It's another CGI trick from Sony.... not!

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Mutley4163557d ago

Yah where do I sign up...Gonna be one badass ride-

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The story is too old to be commented.