IBM develops speedier transistor

IBM has built a transistor that runs about 100 times faster than current chips, a development that could pave the way for ultra-fast computers and wireless networks, the computing giant said on Monday.Transistors are the basic building blocks of the processors found in everything from supercomputers to digital music players, and IBM achieved the record speeds by building one from silicon laced with exotic chemical element germanium.

"What we've been doing in the last several years is pushing the absolute limits of silicon technology," said Bernie Meyerson, head of semiconductor research for International Business Machines (IBM).

"What we've done in demonstrating this is that we're nowhere near having tapped the limits of silicon performance, and that's very encouraging," Meyerson said.

The transistor achieved a speed of 500 gigahertz, which is more than 100 times speedier than the fastest PC chips sold today, and about 250 times faster than the typical mobile telephone chip, Meyerson said.

That speed was hit only when IBM researchers, working with counterparts from the Georgia Institute of Technology, cooled the transistor to near absolute zero, but Meyerson said the device still ran at 300 gigahertz at room temperature.

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and who do IBM develop chips for?

the 360!

Chronical6573d ago

Same with the Wii and PS3. if there one company to invest in its IBM


I thought Sony didn't want IBM chips?

maybe I am confusing this...

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Moostache6573d ago

The real surprise would be if they brought that tech to market in a games console is more likely that these transistors won't find their way into production model chips until 2010 or later.

It is good news though to hear they still have a lot of head space on the speed of the silicon transistors though.

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Dusty6573d ago

I deleted your comment by mistake.

DG6573d ago


LOL nah just joking oh well life goes on.

"chips to power super-fast wireless networks capable of moving a DVD-quality movie in as little as 5 seconds."

Thats freaking cool.

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Making Horizon Zero Dawn 's Machines feel like living creatures

Horizon Zero Dawn 's Machines are clearly automatons, with all their inner workings plainly visible. But they also also exhibit unmistakable�animal-like behaviors and movements.

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UCForce2613d ago

These machines feel like living creatures.

Ceaser98573612612d ago

Can't wait to see the new machines GG is working for HZD expansion.. The animation & behaviour/movement of these machines were Top Notch...

Ceaser98573612612d ago

Those disagrees, lmao! Another company's fan kids can't digest the amount of praise and exclusivesss PlayStation is getting..

Abnor_Mal2612d ago

Loved how the grazers and other herbivores when in alert mode would look searchingly whilst trotting in place, those actions to me made them seem very real in their behavior.

KickSpinFilter2612d ago

Just Plat'ed this game last night, Awesome game!


Atlantic City Trying Video Game Gambling Machines

Atlantic City is desperate to stay relevant and is looking to video games. GameCo's video game gambling machines might be the answer to AC's prayers.

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2724d ago

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