Left 4 Dead Q&A - First Details

Turtle Rock Studios is working on a new game powered by Half-Life 2's Source engine.

You might not think about team-based online multiplayer going hand-in-hand with "survival horror" games--games like the Resident Evil series that give you only limited resources while pitting you against legions of horrible monsters, often in cramped confines. After all, classic survival horror games are usually single-player experiences because they're about your character being all alone in a hostile, zombie-filled world. But Turtle Rock Studios, a developer with credits that include Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the Xbox version of Counter-Strike, is doing just that with Left 4 Dead. This new team-based game for the PC and Xbox 360 pits small teams of humans against "the infected," which are hordes of ordinary people transformed into mindless killing machines by a mysterious virus that has spread throughout the game's various environments. Gamespot sat down with Turtle Rock's Michael Booth to get the first details

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candystop5265d ago

Finally a game that requires true teamwork or like he said "if you run off on your own, you will die." lol

T-Virus5265d ago

Yeah, that 'boomer' (sounds familliar) sounds really cool, smashing through doors.

zonetrooper55265d ago

I never even knew this game existed until i read the interview, it sounds like an excellent game and i'm gonna buy it on the PC as the online should last longer compared to the Xbox 360. I should hopefully have my PC upgraded by then with a newer graphics and some more ram.

super bill5265d ago

not a ps3 version then i see.developers aren,t interested in making games for the ps3 then.

grifter0245265d ago

cool but I wonder how many people will actually work together and not just run off.

JPomper5265d ago

Well if it's anything like the developer says, you wouldn't want to run off by yourself, no matter how good you think you are.

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