Resident Evil 5 Special Edition - Now Available to Pre-Order

Resident Evil 5 Special Edition is now available to pre-order from the official Capcom website.

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Xandet5523d ago

Amazon had the CE listed at $80 (when I pre-ordered) too for the longest time, until GameStop listed theirs at $90. Wonder if everyone will start dropping their prices by $10 now that Capcom has it listed themselves.

Cwalat5523d ago

I preordered the PS3 steel edition with an artbook.

enough for me, plus... i found it cheap enough that it's the same price as if i bought the regular version.

for 62€

slymaddox5523d ago

I haven't made up my mind about this CE. I liked the demo but don't know if I can shell that much out. Going to buy either way though.

KidMakeshift5523d ago

It's coming out soon
You better get trickin

KidMakeshift5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

Does every pre-order come with a free black baby? That would be much cooler than a figure and would fit the Africa theme quite nicely. I'd name it "Pancakes"

I wonder when Gamestop gets its first shipment? The employees probably pick out all the cool ones for themselves


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Complete Global Saturation! Is Resident Evil 5 Really the Best Choice for the Next Remake?

An exploration of whether RE5 is truly the most logical next step for a remake, or whether there are others in line who deserve their day in the sun.

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ocelot07154d ago

Remake of Resident evil outbreak as well as file 2. Same gameplay as the recent remakes. Choose what ever character you want to play as. With online co op.

DarXyde154d ago

I've been dying to see Outbreak come back for years.

Even RE Zero and Code Veronica would be excellent.

But for the love of God, not RE5 or RE6.

One they get around to the aforementioned games, why not remake the original Devil May Cry trilogy? That would be a much better use of time. At the very least, the first two games.

justsomeoffdude154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

code veronica should be the nest remake

neutralgamer1992154d ago

CV is good candidate for a remake but requires way more work for today’s standard. People look at CV through their tinted glasses. I think capcom wants to remake every game up till 6 and fix the plot holes so they can continue the series in one straight story path

Also not sure why only RE have to get remade when there are other capcom games that would be better suited for remakes like oninusha

DVAcme154d ago

That's PRECISELY the reason Code Veronica needs a remake. All the other RE games aged pretty well, considering the limitations of the time, but Code Veronica is the game that would be served the best bybremaking it because it feels so archaic these days.

neutralgamer1992154d ago


But it depends if capcom wants a big project or a quick remake. CV will require a lot more work than RE5

IMO they should remake other games before doing RE5

TheEnigma313154d ago

how many times do we have to say CV is the next best one?

CrimsonWing69154d ago

Nooooo! Why the hell can’t they do Code Veronica? I just don’t understand.

1Victor154d ago

RE5 is the closest to the bottom of the pot(a little smoky flavor but passable in a emergency) before we get to the burned crust that is 6 that not even the pigs would eat

CrimsonWing69154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Unpopular opinion here, but I enjoyed 5 and 6. I just think, in terms of Remakes, the classics are the one that should get the treatment above the modern takes of the franchise.

Don’t get wrong, RE4 definitely was an outstanding Remake, but RE5… I just get less excited about a Remake for that over something like Code Veronica.

RaidenBlack154d ago

Rather remake other past Capcom & non-mainline RE games ... IF they have to continue churning out Remakes.
I'd rather want a new 3rd person RE spin-off
Dino Crisis and Onimusha Reboot
New IPs after Pragmata ships

jeromeface153d ago

show this man the door... he overserved himself.