The Two Most Disappointing Console Exclusives of 2008

2008 has come and gone. During this year we have seen some of the biggest blockbuster titles this gen such as GTA IV, Gears of War 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.
We have also watched as console exclusives were released and completely flopped. Fortunately, both consoles seemed to have their prized dung.
Lets take a look…

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sak5005189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

Without reading i can guess Haze and Too human

Edit: @ali_the_brit below
Whats your comment about? I can see you're giving some love to your dad's xbox. Is he out of town?

GrieverSoul5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

There is no guessing!
I tried to make a surprised look... but couldnt! To obvious!

Where´s Captain Obvious on this one?! XD

jadenkorri5189d ago

2 games both fanboys raved about then, their foots in their

ericnellie5189d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth. The funny thing is - even when fanboys on each side played the demos before the games released, they were still saying both games were awesome....fanboy delusions and fanboy denial (FD/FD). But then...all the reviews started coming in and they could no longer hide from the truth;) It's a sad, sad thing...LOL!

will115189d ago

Halo 3 and Left for dead

kevoncox5189d ago

I think mos tpeople don't understand how good Too human is.
I played the demo the first time through and thought...this game sucks. THen something made me play it again and it got better. So i played it again and I started understandng just how good this game really is. It's kinda tough to understand but I fear that the media don't have the time to invest in a game like too human to really like it. All I can say is it is a game that most everyone will feel is bad when they first play it but once you learn how to play it, you will like it. It's one of my favorite xbox games this gen.

sticky doja5189d ago

Ok dude you obviously haven't played Left 4 Dead or you wouldn't say that. Not to mention Halo 3 didn't come out in '08.

I hope you were joking.

FOXDIE5189d ago

whats up with these sh*tty articles. I guessed the same thing, haze and too human. Why do we need to read stuff we already know?

Magic_The_Celt5189d ago

Dont worry

that huge pile of games for both consoles
40 inch LCD 1080p TV
60GB PS3 with 320GB HDD
Xbox 360 Elite
numerous add ons

are all paid for by me ;) glad we could clear it up kid.

BlackTar1875189d ago

Haze sucked : (

Too Human is tight give it a chance before you talk crap about it. It needed some stuff that was obv. and needed some tweaks but I want too human 2 and would be sad if i didnt get it.

Play the game before you hate otherwise you look like a fool. Reviews are reviews what is wrong with people who use reviews as gospel. Game was tight I know you can flame me or whatever but I liked it and think you should have no room to even say the slightest of anything good or bad until you played it.

BlackTar1875189d ago

befor eyou attack me hear me out.

I absoulutley loved the game I was excited tilll i played the demo and after couldnt wait got it on launch but after I beat the game I had no need to play it again and why you ask not becuase it wasn't dope or anything it was becasue there are so little weapons and in a game about killing things i need more weopons like a chainsaw a Mp5 ak47 .44 or .50 anyof these a sword maybe any of that a taser. So you may be confused becasuei actually loved this game the lack of content drives me nuts and I have to put it as overratted becasue to me the reply value is what thiose games are about and I didnt get the feeling of caring after I used all the guns in level 1

please be constructive when replying to me and it will all be like baby jesus

prowiew5188d ago

To me, neither of those games were disappointing. I knew that I wouldnt like them from the first time I saw both games.

Lord Vader5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

Haze takes the cake , the "Halo Killer" as their arrogant developers made the game out to be = LMAO

Too Human I enjoyed, but I am in the minority here on N4G as it did not live up to expectations, but some ppl do like it. I rented it & didnt go in with mega expectations is maybe the difference.

But R2 was my biggest disappointment by far because I bought it. I bought into the Hype & preordered R2. The campaign was so boring, i had to force myself to finish the game. The MP is okay, & the best part of this mediocre shooter.

Also, looking at sales, for all the *Hype* around R2 & the fact that it was supposed to compete with Gears 2 ...but dont misunderstand, Im not saying it was "trash" or on a level with Haze, it was a mediocre mega hyped game that I paid $60 for, so it's my biggest disappointment.

callahan095188d ago

I have one response to this article. This quote in particular:

"[Haze's] controls [are] clunky and awkward."

FALSE! How are they clunky OR awkward? They're your standard FPS controls and they work perfectly fine for what they are. My guess is that these critics didn't even PLAY Haze, they are just hating on it because it got mediocre reviews. I actually played Haze, and the controls are fine.

N4360G5188d ago

Too Human was a disaster.HAZE was decent but Too Human was just terrible...

Thugbot1875188d ago

Too Human for sure not deserving of the hype but not a horrible game. If you like games like Dynasty Warriors, Diablo or any titles like that you would enjoy this game.

Basically not for everyone and over hyped as something it wasn't.

BlackTar1875188d ago

and someone took it from me. Come on why de bubble me disagree im not going against anyone in here or calling others names or anything like that why debubble me if you were not attacked for a differnce of opnion. I know Im a newb kinda to posting but comeone i like my bubbles and try and remain fair on all my comparision and posts. sorry if i ruffled feathers but since I didnt attack anything really except telling people not to judge before you play then come on. Be fair people disagree not steal bubbles I liked them

snoopgg5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

That game was in development so long, and still sucked major arse!!! Gears 2 online was also a very big dissappointment!!! The story was the same old shat and didn't compare to Resistance 2 online!!!!! Gears 2 wasn't worth the $60 I paid for it, I expected so much more out of this game this time around. Sold it after story mode was done, cause multiplayer sucked so bad. Unbalanced gameplay and glitch city on this one!! Big disappointment.

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Magic_The_Celt5189d ago

Posted on January 16th, 2009
Posted by Ali The Brit under Editorial, Featured, Video Games


Go me lmao

bgrundman5189d ago

Good work Brit, I'm proud of ya! :)

Magic_The_Celt5189d ago

Not bad for my first article, if i do say so myself :)

Firstkn1ghT5189d ago

So many fanboys writing articles now. Ugh! No wonder we get a crap load of random unknown sites giving out 10's to exclusives.

goflyakite5188d ago

Oh, knight I didn't know you wrote articles.

caffman5188d ago

both sides of the fanboy war, very even handed, but shame they didn't list wii and PC disappointments

AngryTypingGuy5188d ago

The premise of each game is pretty cool. They should do the same thing that they did with the Incredible Hulk and Batman...just start the franchises over and pretend the originals don't exist.

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GmanUK5189d ago

Haze was a real lame game, storyline was weak as well as the game play.. good attempt at what could have been an interesting story, but it seemed rushed IMO.

Didn't play the other one, don't do xBox sorry.

HDgamer5189d ago

Why would anyone go on the forums and call other's idiots for not recognizing his creation that has been in development for 10 years and well it didn't live up to the hype. Then get banned from the forums.

theEnemy5189d ago

The tale of Dennis and the gaffers.


skagrerrrr5188d ago

Dennis Dyack deserved what he got, tee hee!