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MEGamers write: "After the recent buzz and hype behind Sony's upcoming FPS, I decided to sit down and spend some quality time with the game and I cannot deny the truth… Killzone 2 has made me a believer!

We're surprised to see Killzone 2 blows our expectations out of the water with a memorable SP campaign and a stellar MP component. To put it short, this game makes Gears of War 2 look like a high school attempt at gaming and that is a HUGE compliment!"

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sonarus5635d ago

lol is it just me or is the embargo only on for games with less than stellar reviews

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sonarus5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

lol capital G try to get a life. I know it hurts to see the game get a good score but just take a deep breath. You still have pretty good chances with 1up, gamesradar, edge e.t.c.

lol @ dissing avatars...i didn't know fanboys had fallen that far

The gaming GOD5635d ago

Since you want to go there Capital G, at least Sonarus avatar doesn't look like something straight out of a mug shot

sonarus5635d ago

i bet he ran off to bring down the user reviews @ metacritic

Michael Jackson5635d ago

You sure can't spell G@y without a capital G.

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CryofSilence5635d ago

My avatar is hotter than yours. ^.^ Oh, and report/negative bubbles.

thereapersson5635d ago

lol @ Capital G calling Sonarus's avatar "dumb". Take a look at your own ugly mug there, dude...

Zeevious5635d ago

If you have proof of Sony paying off reviewers, post it,
If you have these alleged poor reviews, post them.

This is a discussion zone for News discussion...not delusional ones.
Post the facts.

Please don't criticize others avatar, unless you can explain why your own looks like the criminal results of combining Dads Just for Men Haircolor and a FlowBee.

So...your facts are...WHERE EXACTLY?

RememberThe3575635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

The embargo isn't lifted until February, so I wonder if this is going to get pulled down anytime soon.

@Zeevious: Bubble up.

N4360G5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

Awesome review and score.I'm pumped for Killzone 2 next month!!

Xbox Street Gang5635d ago

"We’ll bite the bullet and accept that Killzone 2 has graced the ranks of all-time classics like Half Life and Doom. This game will make you a believer!"

L Ronald Hubbard5635d ago

"Killzone 2 blasphemously trumps over Call of Duty games in terms of gameplay and replayability."

Helghast5635d ago

Since Capital G has been trolling EVERY PS3/KZ2 article EVERY SINGLE DAY and every single one of his comments has been reported/deleted as spam, but he STILL has NOT been banned(maybe now he has), tells us something about the N4G mods.

I got restricted to the Open Zone for a week after my post where I said "Man, these fanboys need to STFU". But Capital G gets to troll and spam for months even though every single one of his post gets deleted.

Well Capital G has 1 bubble now but I'm sure he (PP) is already trolling with another account. We only have to deal with it for a month more til KZ2 comes out. He will be saying "9.8 metascore + 5 million units sold= FLOP!" but there will be no one around to notice since we'll b playing KZ2.

thereapersson5635d ago (Edited 5635d ago )

"Please don't criticize others avatar, unless you can explain why your own looks like the criminal results of combining Dads Just for Men Haircolor and a FlowBee."


F*cking hell dude, have a bubble for that one.

Nineball21125634d ago

It says the site is down for "maintenance".


Any conspiracy theories out there for this?

shawnsl655634d ago

Traffic on N4g is going to be pretty slow throughout the KZ2 release weekend + SF4 release week.

chaosatom5634d ago

ban people like capital G from this zone????

marinelife95634d ago

I think you guys crashed the server. Poor Megamers

cmrbe5634d ago

these guys are big in the Middle East. However its really unprofessional for them to bring Gears into this. Its really not need. Great score btw.

DaTruth5634d ago

As much as I don't want to stand up for 'Capital G', that guy hasn't come into a thread yet where someone doesn't diss his avatar. True he's always trolling so he kind of brings it on himself, but still. I've heard prison jokes and rapist on crack jokes and rapist on crack just got out of prison jokes.

pain777pas5634d ago

The smack has been laid down. This gen has begone. I was getting scared for a minute. Fallout 3 looks bad and the girl runs bad. this is off topic but Bethesda make girls be girls in line with Saints row 2. I love making women in that game. So nice. Great review by the way. /rant