'Tetris Evolution' (X360) - 10 New Screens

THQ announced plans to bring puzzle powerhouse Tetris Evolution to the next-generation for the first time with all new gameplay modes, multiple customizations, as well as Xbox Live capabilities.

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nicodemus4442d ago

I love it! I haven't played Tetris since I had a Gameboy (with the green screen). Worms, then Double Dragon, and now this -- I'm gonna be set for a while.

Sphinx4441d ago

For my wife. She loves all Tetris games.

LilClaw4441d ago

I would be better if they had an old arcade version of the game one XBLA. But hey, Tetris and Xbox Live = A very good time. I'm in!

sak5004441d ago

I posted this in news tips 9 hours back, y the hell did u post it idiot.

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