Hellblade 2 Sees High Engagement Numbers In May In US

Get the latest data on sales and engagement for Hellblade 2, including its performance on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

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purple1016d ago

Omg this is saddest article I ever seen. The person writing this must have felt terrible

Valkyrye6d ago

the console wars ended little man

OtterX5d ago

No, engagement numbers are still high.

S2Killinit5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Engagement numbers 😂

aaronaton5d ago

Who brought up the 'console wars', apart from yourself?

OtterX4d ago

Lol, I don't think people got my joke. I meant engagement in the console wars was still high! 😂

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Einhander19725d ago

Trying to act like these are good numbers or what Microsoft was hoping for is indeed pretty sad.

They say it has the 12'th highest engagement on xbox,in the US but it never even crossed into the top 20 on xbox's own ranking system.

And either way 12'th on a day one high profile release on game pass doesn't sound great at all.

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repsahj5d ago

#37 overall for the month of May and #21 on Xbox Series.

Elda5d ago

LOL!! Of course most folks with Gamepass decided to check the game out when it was released almost 2 months ago. The game was number 37 as the best selling game of the month of May which is really not that great. AAA exclusives should be at least in the top 5 or let alone in the top 10. The game is a borefest & the only folks that are still talking about the game are articles like this.

Armyofdarkness5d ago

«Piscatella followed up by saying Hellblade 2 fell just outside the top 10 of the US Xbox engagement chart landing in 12th place just behind the resurgent Fallout 76.»

Wow!! Just behind the glorious Fallout 76!

Valkyrye5d ago

Fallout 76 is having a great year, u need to get out of ur cave once in a while.

Armyofdarkness5d ago

Yeah dude, only took them 6 years. Defending 76 over here.. maybe you are the one in the cave

rlow15d ago

So the game had good engagement. But some on here are trying real hard to downplay it. Honestly, there is more important things in world then trying to attack a game you probably didn’t even try.

shinoff21835d ago (Edited 5d ago )

If we're going by engagement which is a dumb ass metric imo , it still didn't do that great. It did low end ok at best.

Also you right there are more important things out there in the world. Except this is a gaming website for gaming news and discussion.

Lightning775d ago

He's talking about all the constantly downplaying that many do here when it comes to Xbox, even if it's good news. Though that's noting nee that's always been this site since I came on here anyway. Sony says they're going off of engagement. Is it still a dumb metric or is it suddenly good now?

rlow15d ago

Unfortunately that is the metric that both Xbox and PS are concerned with. An all digital future is almost upon us, love it or hate it.

As for the downplaying, @Lightning77 summed it up nicely. But to add, arguing a point is one thing, constantly saying nothing new makes one a resounding gong.

PassNextquestion5d ago

If your judging how well a game is doing on gamepass wouldn't you use engagement metric as you can't go by sales of the game?

repsahj5d ago

So #37 and #21 in their launch month have high engagement now on an Xbox game? sad.

Einhander19725d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yea, but how many bullets were fired?

We need some hard data here, like bullets fired!

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Ra30305d ago

I agree we need the real data for eample....if the crazy girl has 150 mental breakdowns in the movie how movie viewers actually watched the movie long enough to see 10% of them breakdowns and how many thought "dumb" and moved on during the 1st breakdown?