Xbox To Return To Gamescom

Nice to see a big publisher back at a convention and hopefully more will follow.

darthv7232d ago

Its not like they are going to show anything we haven't already seen. Good for them for attending but it won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things. EU people still dont buy (or play) XB.

Yes this is me being cynical.

Garethvk32d ago

Hopefully Sony will someday go back to shows and perhaps PAX West will be more like it was an E3 like show will return.

StormSnooper32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I rather they do their own show, instead of wasting a bunch of money to pay the forum holder and have a conference as big as the next guy, but so long they do their own big conference with big announcements which I think everyone is waiting on.

BeHunted32d ago

"Hopefully Sony will someday go back to shows"

Like closing down their reward program? For the players, alright.

Mr_cheese32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

BeHunted, stay on topic pal.

Personally would love all 3 of the big companies to attend at least one of the same show each year. Gaming hasn't been the same since E3. It added this level of excitement, competition and general conversation about gaming that we no longer get.

ThinkThink32d ago

Idk, they still have a lot to show. If they decided to Amp it up this year I could see them having a gamescom showcase to show Everwild, Forza Horizon 6, Contraband, Towerborne, Project Mara, Kilin, Hollow Knight Silk Song. It would be nice to finally hear more about those XGP games like Project Dragon and Project Shaolin? Maybe something COD related, and maybe a couple of smaller surprises.

RaidenBlack32d ago

There's a chance Clockwork Revolution might make an appearance at Gamescom.

Obscure_Observer32d ago


Gimme me even more awesome games to get hyped about!

Let´s gooo

repsahj32d ago

Xbox will win this event for sure! XD

gold_drake32d ago

xbox is the only one of the big three to be present this year.

i absolutely anticipate the "xbox WON gamescom" articles. ha.

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I'm sure that there will be more to come in the future.

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