Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Unhappy With New Day One Game

Xbox Game Pass subscribers flocked to social media to voice their discontent regarding the lackluster advanced graphical options in Still Wakes the Deep. Studio The Chinese Room confirmed the PC versions of its recently released survival horror title did not share the same features across all platforms. While Still Wakes the Deep is part of the Xbox Game Pass library, subscribers noticed their PC copies of the game lacked several upscaling and super resolution options that were included for the Epic Games and Steam versions.

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Profchaos23d ago

Day one gamepass getting half finished Indie games again I'm shocked

DiRtY23d ago


That is what you make out of this?

rippermcrip23d ago

Well I mean what else is there to take out of it? A PC game that has less features depending on which digital store you bought it from... is stupid.

Profchaos23d ago

Just reminds me of other games like payday 3 where the game wasn't ready but the team got an upfront cheque so they had no issues going live

VenomUK22d ago

@DiRtY This is not an unreasonable or baseless appraisal to make. Halo Infinite's multiplayer was released first followed by the single player. Starfield was released followed three months later by a major patch that fixed and adjusted many issues. When games are released with purchase only models then the consumer quality expectation is higher as negative PR could kill future sales. However if games are released for 'free' on to a subscription service then maybe Microsoft has been taking the 'get it out the gate, and FIX IT LATER' approach.

Hotpot23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Lol storefront exclusive features. What if someone buy it on xbox pc store instead of gamepass? Will the feature appears?

franwex22d ago

That’s what I was thinking too.

saint_seya22d ago

Well i had different (i could say an unfinished) version of Palworld when i played it on Game Pass (compared to the one in Steam)

anast22d ago

You get better free plays on Epic.


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