Ridiculous Action Game Killer Bean Will Be Blasting to PS5 Eventually

Bean here before

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purple10136d ago

somehow this is reminding me of 'Hogs of war'


Killer Bean Took The "Overpowered Assassin" A Little Too Seriously, And I Love It

If you thought Killer Bean was absurdly OP before, wait till you see the game. It's an unrivaled power fantasy, one that looks pretty solid.


Killer Bean World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2024

Watch the Killer Bean World Premiere Trailer from Summer Game Fest 2024 live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles with host Geoff Keighley. #SummerGameFest

gold_drake47d ago

reminds me of that fish-bond game on the mega drive bk in the day ha.

KwietStorm_BLM47d ago

Thought he was a chicken McNugget from the 90s.

isarai47d ago

This guy could have made saints row by himself and it would have been better

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Killer Bean - Official Game Trailer

From the same creator as Killer Bean Forever, this is a first person/third person, open-world, roguelike shooter.

ApocalypseShadow339d ago

One of the few who actually liked the short film. The game definitely captures some of it at least.

Venoxn4g339d ago

I liked the short one too.. kind of forgotten classic..if you didn't see, have a look at movie Killer Bean Forever.. I myself liked it, not sure if it ever got a sequel though..but its cool that after so much time Killer Bean has not been forgotten

Venoxn4g339d ago

GTA mixed with Max Payne? Yes! Plus I like Killer Bean from old times