Nintendo Direct Announced for Tomorrow, With 40 Minutes of Switch Games Coming Out Later This Year

Nintendo has finally provided a date and time for its June Direct, which is set for Tuesday, June 18th at 7am PT / 10am ET.

VenomUK37d ago

I’d love to see a nice, accessible, mainstream fun game in time for the Christmas season.

Hotpot37d ago

They've confirmed no hardware announcement in it lol, the wait continues.

Sgt_Slaughter37d ago

That will be its own Direct/announcement video sometime in the next few months. I'm expecting another fall reveal like the Switch had in 2016.

roadkillers36d ago

I don't understand why they would announce it. The Switch is around 7 years old? Still selling more some months than PS5/Series, games still sell like hotcakes, and they have never done a price cut. What's the point of releasing a new console from a financial perspective?

SlothLordPootus36d ago

You don't maintain market leadership by sitting on your hands...at least not usually. Nintendo may be the exception. Lol

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago

They don't have an incentive to release it yet, I did hear rumours that they delayed the Switch 2 because the Switch sold better than expected for this point in its life cycle. Plus, they've probably been working on it years ago with the assumption that Switch hardware sales would be dropping off at this point, so they would be choosing hardware, organising supplier contracts, ect... I wouldn't be surprised if they are sitting on the hardware for now, if Midori's leaks are to be believed, they have sat on some Switch games while they wait for the right time to releaes, would not surprise if they did the same with hardware.

Seraphim36d ago

I'd expect the Hardware announcement to come around or at TGS. Be that via their own show or at TGS itself. That's also assuming new hardware will launch for the Holidays or first half of 2025.

Terry_B37d ago

Won't watch it but look forward to any news of multiplatform games. Maybe the long rumored Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster will be shown finally.

Kurisu37d ago

Love Final Fantasy, but I suck at Tactical games. I tried to play War of the Lions but my god, was I awful at the game and barely touched it. The game gets so much praise though and I'd love for the remaster to roll around for all the fans!

killacal1336d ago

I really hope that remaster is real, I am going to buy it for myself and three friends, they have to experience this game, I hope there is a Ps5 version and a Switch version.

Stanlittle37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Nintendo PLEASE let Switch 2 be an OLED

ABizzel137d ago

By all intents it should, with them maybe making a “lite” LCD version just to have an affordable option for consumer that Nintendo can still profit off of Day 1 or Year 1 - 2.

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago

They can just make two versions, although the screen on the Steamdeck OLED has spoilt me.

neomahi37d ago

Oh, it's IGN. Who cares......