FromSoftware boss addresses gaming industry layoffs

'As long as this company's my responsibility, I would not let that happen.'

Hidetaka Miyazaki describes FromSoftware's relationship with parent company Kadokawa and references Satoru Iwata's perspective on layoffs.

Hofstaderman36d ago

As it should be. At this rate the Western side of the industry will crash and we may yet see the resurgence of Japanese gaming development. Really miss the PS1 days. No bloated budgets, diverse games and many IPs that exist today are from that era. Perhaps the industry does need a reset.

raWfodog36d ago

I wish more bosses in this industry would adopt these kind of views that Hidetaka Miyazaki and even Larian boss Swen Vincke have. Your employees are your greatest asset. Once you start laying them off to satisfy stockholders expected returns, you've already lost.

swedishMeatwad35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I agree with both of you and there have been some seemingly unnecessary layoffs fueled by corporate greed but when you have From Software money, it's a bit easier to say basically "we are not going to lay people off, look how awesome and good we are to our developers". Not saying that's not true, but when you're raking in that dough then... yeah.


We need more Satoru Iwata type game CEOs in this industry. Phil Spencer that piece of shit will never be the CEO that Iwata was.

victorMaje36d ago

A real chief, unlike other tyrants.

Aphrodia36d ago

Why does this non-gaming news get approved while the attempted extortion of black myth wukong gets denied?

stupidusername36d ago

Don’t know the deal about wukong, but how is this non-gaming news?

Aphrodia36d ago

So the story with wukong is not really about the game itself, but a controversy surrounding it. Same with this article. It isn't about any particular game, but about the industry at large which isn't really what N4G is about. typically this site is about strictly the games and sometimes things around them. So I'm wondering, why the double standard?

raWfodog36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Probably because that story hasn't been confirmed to be true at this point. If it is true, I hope that it gets the coverage it deserves. But these day, people just spread all types of rumors and innuendo just to get likes.

Aphrodia36d ago

you are correct, the extortion itself has yet to be 100% proven, but there are plenty of facts surrounding it that are perfectly factual and can be reported on.

victorMaje36d ago

I like to learn about how bosses in the industry handle situations. It’s relevant to gaming. Afaik N4G is not just about the games but news related to the industry as well.

Hugodastrevas35d ago

Quality games, quality individual, quality boss!

OtterX18h ago

For me, these Mario + Rabbids games were the best thing Ubisoft has developed in recent years. I'd hate to see Ubisoft drive the series into the ground like their other properties, so I think 2 games are enough. Maybe 1 more.

Inverno11h ago

They can't ruin it because Ninty will send their ninjas to destroy all traces of it. If not for that you can bet that spinoff series would've been milked dry by now.

XiNatsuDragnel17h ago

Good luck in your future endeavors

Hotpot16h ago

Thank you for Mario + Rabbids series, I quite enjoyed it

Einhander197215h ago

Great games, I have wanted Sony to copy these games with their own mascots for years.

DefaultComment12h ago

I think Nintendo has to hire this guy, I mean the fact that miuamoto himself said to him that he is impressed with this work, speaks volumes. Th possibility on having Mario on Soliani's hand could be incredible and quite possibly a new era for Mario games.

OtterX12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Yea, these games didn't even feel Ubisoft at all. This felt very authentic Nintendo. This guy's direction is obviously stellar, and Ubisoft somehow managed to not kill it with microtransactions and repetitive, boring tasks.


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Raph Koster wrote the #1 most influential game design book. Nice to see a game coming from him.