Why Astro Bot was the best part of State of Play 2024

It’s been a little over a week since State of Play aired. Honestly, the only game that excited us is Astro Bot.

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shinoff218337d ago

It was really one of the only few that felt like a Sony game. The others felt like Sony just copying.

ocelot0737d ago

Probably my most anticipated game across all platforms this year.

GaboonViper37d ago

Mine too, Jeff Grubb says its like old skool Mario with loads of hidden secrets and levels, im gonna be spending my time searching every crook and nanny.

northpaws37d ago

Definitely, and the Horizon Lego game actually looks crazy good as well, there were never a Lego game where everything on the screen are actually legos, it looks very impressive.

Chocoburger36d ago

After Astro Bot, make Ape Escape 4. We need more wins!

purple10136d ago

Had an ape escape game, on ps3 with the move controllers, great fun.

TwoPicklesGood36d ago

The show was so bad that it was easy for Astro to shine.

Looking forward to release.

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Astro Bot Dev Confirms Game Length Of Around 12-15 Hours, No Padded Content

Team Asobi, the developer behind Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming 3D platformer, Astro Bot, has revealed the game's length.

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GaboonViper5d ago

My most wanted game, this is gonna be awesome.

Relientk775d ago

Day one! So excited for this. Astro's Playroom rules and I'm so glad were getting a longer full-fledged adventure this time.

rlow15d ago

It looks like a sure fire win.

purple1015d ago

A few interesting details.

They overhauled the physics and graphics engine
This is Astro on steroids

They will go even further with dualsense than before by letting you feel smooth or rough walls not just the floors like before

No VR in this game because that is best when you design the game with VR from the beginning

60 person team made this with 4 people assigned purely to make new dualsense mechanics

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Astro Bot Was Going To Be Open-World First; Here's Why That Didn't Happen

Astro Bot devs initially planned to go the open-world route with the game but decided against it for a level-based approach.

Jin_Sakai6d ago

I’m getting bored with open world games but and open world Asto Bot would’ve been fine by me.

XiNatsuDragnel6d ago

Astro bot is looking good so therefore I'm game