Astro Bot is a supremely silly and incredibly smooth platformer - Engadget

Astro Bot is as precise as it is ridiculous, and this is exactly what makes it so damn delightful.

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Forget Profound Narratives, Sony Needs To Take More Creative Risks Like Astro Bot

Team Asobi deems Astro Bot as a risk, but considering Sony's utter lack of experimentation these days, imaginative risks are what's needed.

Christopher1d 21h ago

I mean, everyone should do this IMHO. If there's a company that needs to be told to take more risks it's absolutely Ubisoft first in line. They need to redo their whole gameplay formula IMHO.

phoenixwing1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

As a gamer I agree chris. However, business wise they go off of sales and they sell a crap ton each time they release yet another assassins creedlike with no changes

CrimsonWing691d 7h ago

It comes down to what sells and what doesn’t. It’s easy to say this as a consumer, but you don’t run a business that involves the livelihoods of not only yourself, but others.

What’s a shame is back in the day there were so many “risks” taking that birthed a lot of these successful IPs you see today. With development costs and marketing being ludicrously high, they can’t afford flops.

smolinsk1d 7h ago

Sony is famous for taking chances and risks on a big scale with small gaming studios. Good stuff is coming.

Jingsing1d 6h ago

You mean cash in on their legacy but at the same time they are also destroying it with their multiplatform strategy. No one is going to have much nostalgia for PS5 because of their constant brand dilution.


Astro Bot Dev Confirms Game Length Of Around 12-15 Hours, No Padded Content

Team Asobi, the developer behind Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming 3D platformer, Astro Bot, has revealed the game's length.

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GaboonViper7d ago

My most wanted game, this is gonna be awesome.

Relientk777d ago

Day one! So excited for this. Astro's Playroom rules and I'm so glad were getting a longer full-fledged adventure this time.

rlow17d ago

It looks like a sure fire win.

purple1017d ago

A few interesting details.

They overhauled the physics and graphics engine
This is Astro on steroids

They will go even further with dualsense than before by letting you feel smooth or rough walls not just the floors like before

No VR in this game because that is best when you design the game with VR from the beginning

60 person team made this with 4 people assigned purely to make new dualsense mechanics

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Astro Bot Was Going To Be Open-World First; Here's Why That Didn't Happen

Astro Bot devs initially planned to go the open-world route with the game but decided against it for a level-based approach.

Jin_Sakai9d ago

I’m getting bored with open world games but and open world Asto Bot would’ve been fine by me.

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

Astro bot is looking good so therefore I'm game

Chocoburger8d ago

Thankfully! No, I don't want a giant map with boring, repetitive objectives that are copy and pasted throughout each region. These days its becoming increasingly rare to see developers make smart decisions, so I'm glad to see that Team Asobi made the right choice here.

isarai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Im glad they didn't, a more hand crafted experience will make this shine a lot brighter

Demetrius7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I love open world games, the well crafted in depth ones that is. The genre needs a revamp honestly, more interiors, unique locations, interactive/random events, a really well in depth open world can happen but mfs hold back. That right there makes us fed up with the same ole copy and paste objectives across the map. Now you got folks saying they're fed up with the open world genre. Even tho I love this genre I still thoroughly enjoy semi open worlds too. I'm definitely gone cop this tho, been playing psychonauts 2 lately for the 1st time, makes me miss when gaming had looney titles like that.