Gears of War: E-Day Will Be Linear, Features 100x More Environment & Character Details Than Gears 5

Gears of War: E-Day will completely be a linear game. The Coalition confirms the Gears 4 and 5 stories aren't being abandoned as well.

Sciurus_vulgaris32d ago

I hope the game launches with a good number of unlockable characters. Gears 5, likely to due to PvE classes initially being tied to specific characters, lacked a variety of unlockable characters during its early seasons.

Cacabunga31d ago

Linear is alright, but i hope it’s not 7hours long.

Flewid63831d ago

If its just run & shoot I hope it is. Long games are for titles that give you multiple gameplay mechanics.

Sciurus_vulgaris31d ago

It can be 7 hrs long without issue, as the game should have co-op, horde and PvP modes.

spicelicka31d ago

Gears was never about unlockables. Most people play the classic PvP modes, not the arcade mode. Traditional Gears experience is playing Deathmatch, execution, KOTH, over and over again with just a handful of cosmetic characters. That being said, if there's a community for the arcade mode I do hope they bring in more variety. I just hope if they're going back to the roots they don't cater too much to the modern ADD generation that needs unlockables every few matches to keep playing.

Jin_Sakai32d ago

If anyone knows how to push Unreal Engine 5 it’s these guys. I’m sure the game will look amazing.

DarXyde31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

"On gaming consoles, Unreal Engine 5 push you!"

I never really thought there was any issue with pushing the engine.

If anything, it's the other way around and UE5 has been bullying the current gen hardware.

Remember, a fighting game in Tekken 8 has to omit features to retain a smooth 60fps. It's absolutely a PC/RTX engine first.

rlow131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Not a surprised, it’s Gears and going back to its roots is why I’m so hyped for the game. I’m hoping for a prequel trilogy. I think two years out with the launch of the next gen Xbox.

dRanzer31d ago

Excellent move by the developer and Microsoft.
Liner, good looking game with impact story and characters that what gamers want for so long.

I remember Sony was doing such games.
This gen not so much

excaliburps31d ago

This is probably my most anticipated game for Xbox. I don't usually use my Series X, but I will for this one.

I love the Gears franchise. Back then, it was the definition of "next-gen" for me when it launched.

Flewid63831d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Stellar Blade was exactly that and it was amazing. lol.

dRanzer31d ago

Yet another soul like game

jznrpg30d ago

@dRanzwr Stellar Blade is not very Souls combat wise. It has some elements of Souls games but so do many other games. But the combat is totally different which is a major part of Souls games.

Flewid63831d ago

I hate Souls games for all the things they do wrong. This is one of the few that actually gets it right. Not hard for the sake of being hard, no dungeony, ugly environments, and difficulty levels you can set.

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Gears Of War: E-Day Is Exactly What The Franchise Needs

Shaz from GL: “Gears of War: E-Day is the perfect way to re-introduce this iconic world to both new and old players; bringing new life to a franchise before Gears 6.”

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just_looken25d ago

I wonder what weapons we will have i just went through the games and will miss the mech/gernade launcher the new combat flow they might keep hard to say.

But i agree if they are still doing gear's 6 then eday is a great idea heck i wonder who will be in the game so many gear 1-3/4/5 characters we around for that day the pool is large.

XtraTrstrL25d ago

They could make a few games continuing off the E-Day timeline. It's 14 years before Gears 1, and takes place over a few days. A 2nd game could overlap Gears Tactics timeline, which is 12 years before Gears 1. And so on. They can still continue whenever off the other side of the timeline with Gears 6+.