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EA FC 25 Will Not Have A Playable Demo

The EA Sports FC 25 Demo will not be released. To try the game, you will need to subscribe to the EA Play service.

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RhinoGamer883h ago

If you played FC 24...you have played FC 25. Expect little to no improvements...especially AI.


Microsoft broke another promise with its new Xbox Game Pass deal

When asked about Xbox Game Pass in May in an interview with Bloomberg, president Sarah Bond said, “We know our core users love Game Pass. Game Pass is a gaming subscription where you get a whole portfolio of games. But importantly, you get every single one of our games, day one, on Xbox Game Pass.”

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ApocalypseShadow10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Nothing new to those that had common sense about the whole consolidation nonsense some were happy about that we said was going to come back and bite you in the ass. Where games that were coming to the platform anyway, were taken away from other platforms to feed a losing, loss leading platform. Where games are held back by another bad decision which was Xbox series S to push game pass. And while you were gloating about the purchase, employees lost their jobs and a good developer was closed after making a good game. Thank yourselves.

We said prices were going to go up, tiers were going to come. And not only gamers on other platforms getting screwed, but those that were happy about the acquisitions were going to get screwed as you'll have to pay MORE just to get the same thing and pay back the purchase of cod.

And, as we have seen again and again, Microsoft either misled, lied or flip-flopped on what they said faster than a dinner gets cold after cooking it. We said they were a bunch of liars and only are using games for their ultimate goal of services. Not a creative bone in Microsoft's body. They only purchase and screw everyone with their motives.

To all those that still support this shitty company, take a bow for supporting the acquisition. Because you screwed everyone over with most games that were going to come to Xbox anyway. You screwed over PlayStation fans, Nintendo fans, developers, employees and YOURSELVES. You made the industry worse. Just like when you started your bad decision making by paying for online and horse armor micro transactions, supporting RROD shipping boxes and always online because "everyone has internet. Look what you won. Vaseline and higher prices.

Reaper22_8h ago

No need to be so emotional over an opinion article and something you have no control over. Some people like xbox and what it offers. Microsoft can't stop anyone from playing the games they want to play. That decision is ours. If you don't like what they offer then spend your money elsewhere. No one got screwed over.

AsimLionheart6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

"Some people like xbox and what it offers"

I am genuinely curious. What exactly does Xbox offers that rivals Playstation and Nintendo don't? And I mean factually and not subjective things like controller preference. Does it offer significantly better performance on multiplats? More exclusive games? More critically acclaimed games? Wider variety of games? More durable/reliable hardware? Is it more affordable? Any unique features or services not found elsewhere? I honestly want to know what an Xbox fan sees in Xbox that makes them prefer it over rivals.

Hotpot5h ago

These so called Xbox fans are just pre Xbox One era fans desperate in defending the box that defined their childhood/teenage gaming memories. The denial is just so strong because it touched their core experience as a gamer.

If you see objectively how many new fans has XB got since XB1? Almost none, even in N4G the fans practically old devoted folks. Their sales are trending down since X360. It can only cling in matured markets like NA/UK while the beatdown is getting worse in emerging markets like South America, Middle East, South East Asia, etc.

-Foxtrot3h ago(Edited 3h ago)


"desperate in defending the box that defined their childhood/teenage gaming memories"

That's so weird because it's kind of true

Most people I know who still game on Xbox but aren't really clued in with the industry news will think we're still in the happy High School days of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Halo 3, L4D and Gears of War

S2Killinit45m ago

You keep saying that. “Don't get emotional”. I imagine it’s a little hard for xbox players not to get emotional while getting bent over by MS.

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Einhander19727h ago

You are absolutely right of course, these guys actually defend getting lied too, they seem to want to be lied to, I guess it's easier than hearing the truth.

Einhander19723h ago


What are you even talking about?

You keep saying this and I saw at least one person literally link you to the Microsoft page.

Game Pass updates announced July 2024

You xbox fans just live outside reality... I guess that is easier than accepting the truth as well.

ActualWhiteMan6h ago

Blame the greedy devs for selling out to soulless publishers that ultimately sell out to big corporate greed.

All about that $$$ not about the fans or the products.

notatallsurprisinggg6h ago

thats a lot of tears over not getting a couple of games included in a base membership. The entitlement people seem to have is embarrassing.

staticall1h ago

But those «couple of games» were the only reason why Xbox Game Pass was better than the competitors' services, according to every Xbox fan around.

For G-d's sake, even Xbox trailers had «Play day one on Game Pass» plastered at the end, with no asterisks or any other caveats (don't believe me, search for "Indiana Jones and the Great Circle" trailer for instance).

So what gives? Is it ok for them to lie to people? There are no excuses for this BS and you know it.

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Simundo8h ago

In the UK PS Plus Premium is £13.49 a month. You don't get EA Play or any of Sony's games day one. The new price of £15 for Ultimate still compares extremely favourably against Sony's offering.

MrNinosan7h ago

Most doesn't pay monthly.
They pay yearly, which is way cheaper, an option MS ain't offering for some reason.

PS+ Extra/Premium includes Ubisoft+ Classic, which cost way more than yearly EA Play.

PS+ Premium offers more than double the amount of games than GPU.

So it's not really as straight forward as you makes it up to be.

If MS actually released a couple of good games year, I'd agree that day 1 games is a good add, but for the last 10 years, that hasn't been the case.

Simundo7h ago

In the UK it's £24.59 from CD keys for 3m Ultimate. The rules change in September and you'll only be allowed to stack 13m. 12m though can still be bought currently for £98.36.

The cheapest way to get PS Plus Premium here is to buy discounted PSN vouchers from CD Keys or Shopto. The £120 you need to buy 12m of PS Plus Premium is £107. So it's still currently cheaper here to get Ultimate for 12m cheaper than Premium.

Not heard of Ubisoft+ Classic's before and didn't know it was part of Extra/Premium which does sweeten the deal. It's only £1 more a month though than Play and the only reason I can think it's way more expensive is because I can't see a 12m option for it for some reason where as EA Play offer a reduced 12m.

More doesn't equal better and GP has far more day one or newer/ bigger releases than PS Plus.

MS have out for the rest of this year - Avowed, MFS 2024, COD and Indy. That still beats Sony's Concord and excellent looking Astro Bot, neither of which are on Premium day one. Combined they will cost £94.99 day one.

They're both pretty good services in truth but £15 for Ultimate still looks like a good price when stacked up against Premiums £13.49.

Petebloodyonion4h ago

@Mr Ninosan
You can easily find Global 3 Months cards at 30% off on many websites like CDKeys. I recently bought two cards at $40 (CAD) each instead of $55 (CAD), so I could stack a year for $160. Also, just activate auto-redeem rewards for Game Pass Ultimate, and you are bound to have enough points for an extra month or two at the end of the year, making it a 13-month experience.

Einhander19727h ago(Edited 7h ago)

You can buy PS+ Premium for £120 a year game pass is £162.

Ubisoft Classics (extra and premium)
Sony Pictures Catalogue
retro games
VR Games
4k streaming for nearly every game on the subscription and even some digital games you own outside of the subscription.
Full Game Trials

Simundo7h ago

In the Uk through either CD Keys or Shopto Ultimate can be had for £98.36 and Premium £107.

I'd swap all the other PS Plus features for day one Sony games. They're both good services TBH and £13.49/£15 seems about fair for what you get.

Einhander19727h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Game pass is actually £180 a year.PS Plus is £120 so PS+ is 50% less expensive than game pass.

15 x 12 = 180

Simundo6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

This sites weird for replying. I can't directly reply to your reply to my reply to MrNinosan so have to reply again to your orignal reply.

If I decided to buy 12m Ultimate right now it would cost me £98. 12m Premium £107. If these reduced codes were to disappear than your point would stand and knowing MS they would probably try that. But as of today I can buy 12m Ultimate for £10 cheaper than Premium.

Poesneus4g2h ago

You don’t get those games day one FOR A REASON

Destiny10807h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Pc gamepass is half the price, along with the better version

soon you'll need two jobs to afford that series s and lets not talk about memory card debt


Why do you people support MS and Xbox? They are only going to keep fucking you over, they don't care about studios or employees, yet people keep giving them money for game pass LOL. Best way to hurt them is to just drop them.

notatallsurprisinggg6h ago

keep? isn't this the first issue with gamepass? And only entitled babies seem to be angry that they're missing out on a handful of games.

Weird for you to get so emotional about something you clearly don't use.


No I don't use it or even support MS, but I can see clearly that will keep fucking over their customers, you already know they don't give a shit about talented game studios or even their employees, all they care about is reaching another trillion.

Profchaos7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

"Hey I don't have your day one games their at bill's house and Fred's house"

"What the hell are you doing with my games at your house Fred "