MONOPOLY: Announce Trailer I Ubisoft Forward

MONOPOLY is back with a fresh look and an improved game experience. Buy, sell, trade properties, and grow your empire in this faithful adaptation of the game we all grew up with! Dive into the center of the board to explore a gorgeous fully animated 3D city.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Coming to Game Pass July 24

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare III coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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darthv7216h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Will be interesting to see what sort of numbers GP users draw in come tomorrow. It is believed that this is one many have been waiting for.

16h ago
thesoftware73026m ago


That is not accurate; this game is old, and most people who want it have already bought it. You might get a small number of subs, but we will mostly see a good influx of players(not new subs) from people with Game Pass who will try it, which is what happened with D4.

CoD: BO 6 will be the test for actual sub numbers.

andy8521m ago

Sweet. Never got round to it on release. I'll give the campaign a go


It's Not Cheap To Showcase At Geoff Keighley's Gamescom ONL

It turns out that if you want to showcase your game during Gamescom Opening Night Live, you're going to be paying a lot for the privilege.

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anast21h ago

The cost gets transferred to the customer,

Bathyj12h ago

That's not how business works. The games final price does not go up because they had a trailer at a show.

It works like many industries.
You spend a lot of money, buying materials and paying your labour before any customer gives you a dime. Then when you have a finished product months or years afterwards hopefully you can sell enough of it to get your investment back and make enough for the next project where you won't get paid again for years.

Frankly I'm surprised any games get made at all.

anast8h ago

You are in a deep misunderstanding of my comment. They do the numbers, create a budget, and decide how much they can squeeze out of the customer. If the marketing costs are high, the product will be more expensive one way or another. Companies don't take the hit, the customer takes the hit.

Chocoburger7h ago

Giving that buffoon money makes me not want to support your game. I consider it negative marketing.


The Cloud Gaming Graveyard: Dead Cloud Gaming Services

We take a walk around the Cloud Gaming Graveyard - listing all the failed cloud gaming services over the last decade.

We discuss the ups, the downs, and overall history of this technology. Turns out running a successful cloud gaming service that addresses the various technical hurdles and actually makes money is a real challenge.

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Chocoburger2d ago

I'm sure that there will be more to come in the future.

UltimateOwnage1d 12h ago

Latency and video compression will always make cloud gaming an afterthought.