Dragon Age: The Veilguard Visuals Deemed Too Cartoony by Fans, BioWare Releases Gameplay Sneak Peek

BioWare's Dragon Age: The Veilguard visual style knocked by fans as too cartoony. Studio releases gameplay sneak peek to assuage concerns.

Seth_hun9d ago

The actual gameplay looks good, im interested in the combat side of things. Are the PR guys a little bit lost on what you need to show first in a big event? Not that trailer what we saw

just_looken9d ago

The leaks last year it looks to be dragon age 3 style combat.

RaidenBlack9d ago

Looks soo good!
Why the heck did they use that weird reveal trailer?

-Foxtrot9d ago

I’m flabbergasted with it

They know how people have lost faith in the studio over the years with Anthem being their biggest failure so why do a trailer like that when the gameplay looks completely different

You want to reassure people not put them off even more unless they thought the trailer would lower expectations and the gameplay would then look even better when we saw it next

just_looken9d ago

Well this is ea that toss titanall fall 2 to the shredder and killed battlefield

The the whole origin launcher that worked to ea play that still does not work at all.

just_looken9d ago

Gaint green symbol;'s like your in the fade and that interact popup

I am still not at all hyped for this game

Software_Lover9d ago

These types of articles need to say "some fans". Some of us just want working, smooth games. We don't need photorealistic graphics.

robtion9d ago

Yep I agree. I think the visuals are great, they are stylised. Not sure who is writing these articles with the sweeping generalisations.

ZeekQuattro9d ago

These days a lot articles like this are based on a handful of comments the author perused on social media.

neutralgamer19929d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I personally like cartoony art style but it seems everything now a days has to be photo realistic

EternalTitan9d ago

No nothing is too cartoony. Keep it up.
I hope EA has the axe ready.

PapaBop9d ago

I can certainly see why fans would think that but I think it still has a distinct visual style that gives it it's own charm. I'm usually sensitive to generic cartoony looking games but thought this looked really good. The tone of that trailer though certainly didn't help.

enkiduxiv9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I don’t think it’s the cartoony quality of the trailer that upset people, it was the tone the trailer set. The trailer, from the design of the characters to the style of fonts it employed, looked cheap. If I didn’t know it was Dragon Age, I would have immediately thought live service mobile game.

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EternalTitan3d ago

I know right?
Final Fantasy X and XII had characters like Yuna, Lulu, Ashe and Fran.
And look at the cast of Veilguard.