Dragon Age: The Veilguard Preview - A World Worth Saving | CGM

At Summer Game Fest 2024, we got to sit in on the first hour of gameplay of Dragon Age: The Veilguard and the hype we are feeling right now is incredible.

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RpgSama40d ago

This game looks like crap, saw the gameplay and they took away everything that made Dragon Age NOT Mass Effect.


Dragon Age: The Veilguard Voice Cast Revealed, San Diego Comic-Con Panel Announced

The Dragon Age: The Veilguard voice cast revealed, and it includes some veteran names, with protagonist Rook getting multiple voice options.

anast1d 17h ago

I'm on the fence but leaning more toward the fail category.


I Think It's About Time I Accept That The Dragon Age We All Knew Is Long Gone

Hanzala from eXputer: "With Dragon Age: The Veilguard beginning a new, action-focused, hero-style era, it's clear that Dragon Age is no longer what I remember."

VincentVanBro33d ago

“ beginning a new, action-focused, hero-style era”
This isn’t the beginning of any new era, it will be DOA like the Dungeon’s and Dragons Dark Alliance reboot train wreck in 2021

just_looken31d ago

I agree but unlike that game were no talent hack's were used this game will fail because its going by the clipboard and is being made by people that got the job for who they are instead of what they know/can do.

Look at the game director's vision here official blog 2nd game sense left collage was in diapers when the first one was being thought of during kotar days.

Did they hire vets na this person the esg said so.

You can tell no one in bioware knows what dragon age keep is and no one played the old games back in the pre 2010 era.

Everyone should watch the netflix anime that is cannon which happens before this game in fact the gameplay of this game shows some stuff from that show. That netflix show reveals just how few left knows the lore/art style/combat

bababooiy31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

That is such a great comparison, especially when it comes to the combat. Like when you look at whats going on it may be action but it definitly is no God of War, it aint flashy combo based like Devil May Cry either. And it definitly isnt slow methodical like the Souls games it just looked very spammy and shallow by comparison to any of those great titles weve seen in recent years.

Scissorman31d ago

Bioware is Bioware in name alone.


It's been dying since the end of ME3... The last two founding members were more interested in hobbies than the day to day so we got that shitty endibg... I can't say I blame them, they had become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and working for EA (though that was their fault/choice) had to be depressing...

Anyhow, it's a bloated corpse now... EA won't kill it because they paid too much for it.

RiseNShine31d ago

it looked pretty underwhelming in every sense, graphics were sub par for current gen, gameplay looked average, combat showed the main thief character doing the same jump move attack a million times, boring, and the whole plot didn't seem very interesting.

I remember watching Dragon Age Inquisition trailer graphics and thought that they were mindblowing for their time, it's been 10 years now and this looks such a minor improvement, and then the cartoony look and it just kills it completely. Finally, add that Bioware latest releases have been terrible, this looks like a shipwreck in the making.

INMATEofARKHAM31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Not to defend it but the combat was a lvl one character so that made for limited moves... so it likely gets better..? Agree with everything else. I don't see a compelling Dragon Age game...


Dragon Age: The Veilguard Faces A Giant In Baldur's Gate 3

Salman from Tech4Gamers writes "I am waiting for a new adventure in Thedas, but I have some worries, especially considering the huge success of Baldur's Gate 3."

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