CES 2009 : 3D Video player set for Xbox 360 and PC this Spring

Gaming.hexus writes:

At CES 2009, Next3D has revealed the Next3D player wihich will allow Xbox 360 and PC owners to receive theatrical 3D films, 3D IMAX films, movie trailers, real-time stereo camera webcasts and other 3D content directly to their screens.

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TrevorPhillips4573d ago

thats y i love both 360 and ps3 :)

vhero4573d ago

yeah another idea MS has copied off Sony *sigh* nothing original anymore off them..

kwicksandz4573d ago


Deal with it, emulating the competition is how consoles move foward. Unless you dont like your rumble, motion control, online gaming or analogue sticks.

ArmrdChaos4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

First of all, this is a third party company providing the tech and not MS.

Secondly, I guess you didn't see the NVIDIA article on their 3D tech that they presented at the CES. So I am to assume that the week before the show word got out of this world changing tech that Sony invented which prompted NVIDIA to cobble something together to take to the show. Yeh...right.

Time the put the poms poms down and get educated. Sony DID NOT invent this tech. They simply applied the same process that they have been using in 3D movies to their system output...nothing magic about it.

You cheerleaders really need to grow up and just enjoy what you got.

FarEastOrient4573d ago

Which technology is the Player even using, the 3D association hasn't even standardize the code yet! Even on the CES floor I saw three different formats and the one on the PS3s was a format that was used to showcase the technology. (Sony wants the format standardize so the firmware will be less buggy)

What concerns me is that the movies being shown in the theater are not in a standardized format, hence the throw-away glasses that is not being used from film to film. But when it is all sorted out I'll take a dive and upgrade my televisions and pc monitors to handle the 120hz to run the film.

Now why isn't the player coming to the Xbox 360 as a firmware upgrade so that developers can use the technology on their games.

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Mikelarry4573d ago

not bad new FUNCTIONAL ideas are always welcome

Fishy Fingers4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Sounds almost to good to be true, and sadly it is as you require..

360 with HDMI and HDD (PC isn't stated)
A 3D ready TV (120hz + whatever else)
Shutter glasses

They need to get tech like this working with current HDTV's, I don't mind buying some glasses, but I'm not going to buy a new panel anytime soon. Seems like I'll be getting my 3D fix from IMAX for a few years to come.

knoxin4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

i may be wrong but i am sure i read that sony had it working with most Tv's LCDs hz above, i am sure it was a link off here?

But i am glad everyone is trying to get it to work on 360 and PS3 and you know what that means flame war, which console does it better

Why dis4573d ago

I found the 2nd part of your post contradictive...

player9114573d ago

All TV's should be capable of displaying the image. The 120hz is just to avoid any headaches (literally).

The reason being is because the glasses "flutter" open and closed opposite of the other eye. Your eyeballs need at least 60hz (bare minimum). Since the glasses flutter open and closed... it means they are closed 50% of the time and open 50% of the time. So for smooth animation you need 120hz which will give each eye 60hz.

10 years ago when the technology came out, LCD's and Plasmas weren't fast enough (which is why 3D technology went dormant). Having used the 3D glasses ALL the time, I found that 60hz will still give you a headache after 30-45minutes. For extended play, a setting of 75hz (per eye = 150hz total) was best.... plus that was the highest setting my monitor would do at my desired resolution.

So in conclusion, ALL LCD TV's should be able to display the 3D stereoscopic image to be used in conjunction with 3D glasses... whether or not your eyes will bleed as a result of under-par hertz rating depends on your TV.

I would think most TV's would be fine.

Why dis4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Glad I have a new Samsung assuming you need all that stuff you just posted. I'm going to look into it I don't use Motion plus/120 frames per second on my set(I turn it off)

Fishy Fingers4573d ago


Try reading in future, at the bottom it says "click here to sign up for the beta", it then informs you of whats required, and that is what I listed above.

I wouldnt of wrote it unless I knew it was factual.

Why dis4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I'll wait and see if what you said in your first post is what they said and not just paraphrasing what happend at CES. I seen many 3D apps at CES some of which had nothing to do with 3D enabled HDTV's.

I did miss the new 3D equipped PC's at CES thoguh ;)

Fishy Fingers4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Are you incapable of reading either articles or comments?

Bottom of the page, "Want to participate in the Xbox 360 beta? Sign up here.", click on it and it will tell you what you need.

360 with HDMI + HDD
3D ready TV
shutter glasses.

Seriously dude, what is so hard to understand? Heres the link, see for yourself, or do I need to draw you a picture?

I'm off to bang my head against a brick wall....

Why dis4573d ago

I agree with the 2nd half of Number six's post :)

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badkolo4573d ago

this needing a new 3d ready set is mind boggling, why cant they do it without everyone needing a new set.

i want 3d but im not buying a new 3000 and up tv.

Divinius4573d ago

Plasma, DPI, and all those old clunky computer monitors will display 3D images. Only LCD has a major problem unless it runs at 120hz.

Sheddi4573d ago

Ive got a 32" plasma.
Does that mean i can run that 3D thingy?

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