Clock Tower: Rewind - Resurrecting a Horror Classic (BTS Featurette)

After nearly 30 years, the legendary survival-horror game, Clock Tower, arrives outside of Japan for the first time as Clock Tower: Rewind!


Clocktower: Rewind Physical Version Editions Revealed as Pre-Orders Kicks Off

Clocktower: Rewind physical version editions price, contents and details revealed alongside a new trailer as pre-orders kick off.

52d ago
gold_drake52d ago

i hate that limitedrungames does it, they always charge double for europe shipping.

shinoff218351d ago

I haven't ordered from them in some time. What happened that they started that.

gold_drake51d ago

no clue. wanted to buy the grandia hd collection and would have had to pay 80 instead of 40 haha.

was a quick cancellation for me.

shinoff218351d ago

Dude that sucks. It just doesn't make no sense. You know anyone in the states real well that could help you out ?


Limited Run Games reveal physical console editions of Clock Tower: Rewind

Love survival horror? Love physical editions of games? Limited Run Games have got your back as they reveal a physical collection for Clock Tower: Rewind on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC.

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Hugodastrevas61d ago

Still waiting for the physical release of Tomba!