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VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "MultiVersus is by no means irredeemable; there’s potential here for a competent Smash-like fighter and real effort to be found in elements like the characters and stages, but this is its second shot at living up to that potential and it seems to have actually taken more steps backward than forward. If you feel a great need to try out the cross-over madness for yourself then there’s some fun to be had dicking around for a few hours, but it’s hard to recommend it as a title for anyone to invest actual amounts of time in, much less money."

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Pyrofire9553d ago

The characters in rotation at any time is so small that you just end up fighting the same ones over and over.

coolbeans53d ago

That's what I've heard. Like, the rotation being ~5 'free' characters kinda makes you hope your opponent bought the full roster.

Inverno53d ago

It's whack that they shut down the game for a year, and the pool of characters is still so small, they slowed down the gameplay so much that everything feels so clunky and unresponsive, rank is locked for some reason, costumes can't be grinded to be purchased for free, there are infact 4 different forms of currency which make up most of what can be earned for playing the game, arenas are unimaginative and bland STILL, music sounds like calm overworld music you'd hear in a KH game, rifts take forever to complete, the mini games in rifts are taken from straight Smash Bros but somehow they're worse, and the season pass which is free for everyone has some horrible rewards. Smash Bros still king, and i don't even own or play Smash Bros.

XxSPIDEYxX53d ago

Worst Smash clone I've ever played. The only reason they shut it down was because they needed to make enough content to sell as a live service game.

coolbeans53d ago

-"Worst Smash clone I've ever played."

Harsh. Have you played the two Nickelodeon Smash clones? Thoughts on those?

jukins53d ago

Messed the game up so bad. It's so slow inputs feel laggy m. Bunch of mat hes so far where either people just soft quit or the game becomes desyncd. Thinking the latter due to how often


MultiVersus adds Samurai Jack on July 23, Beetlejuice later in Season 2

Free-to-play platform fighting game MultiVersus will add Samurai Jack and Beetlejuice as part of its second season, dubbed “Season 2: Back in Time,” publisher Warner Bros.


MultiVersus Could Have Been A Fun Brawler Without Corporate Greed

MultiVersus seemed to be headed in the right direction until it came out. The predatory microtransactions and floaty combat ruined the game.

TheNamelessOne7d ago

Could have: should have.
I'll leave the 'would have' out of the equation, being that it is WB.

TheColbertinator7d ago

Corporate greed certainly kills good ideas

Shiro1732d ago

I'm loving it and haven't bought anything for it so far n got a few characters I wanted already.


Agent Smith Comes To MultiVersus

I wonder what Mr. Anderson would say. Warner Bros. Games today released a new MultiVersus trailer revealing the first look at gameplay for Agent Smith, the main antagonist from The Matrix film series, who will join the roster on July 8 as part of Season 1: Puns and Villany.