Black Ops 6 Vault Edition and Pre-Order Bonus Images, Cross-Gen Bundle Confirmation and Details Leak

Images & details of the Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Vault Edition, pre-order details have surfaced showing different Frank Woods variants.

RaidenBlack55d ago

Going by the images, pretty much giving off Cold War 2.0 vibes in terms of visuals and design


Black Ops 6 Omnimovement Not Meant to Make Game Faster, Won't Widen Skill Gap Too Much

Black Ops 6 omnimovement not meant to make the game faaster, and won't widen the skill gap too much according to Treyarch.


Black Ops 6 Scorestreaks Won't Loop; Dedicated Melee Weapon Slot Confirmed

The Black Ops 6 scorestreaks will be more traditional, but won't loop. Players will have a dedicated melee slot in loadouts.

Jingsing6d ago

is this the game that requires an online connection to stream textures to your console?

Eonjay6d ago

I would hope not. Why not just, you know, download the textures to the console itself.

Jingsing6d ago

Apparently it is this game. I guess they want next to 0 people buying COD these days.


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