Has Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PC sales earned around £18 Million in its first week on Steam?

CG writes: The question we’re asking is, has Sucker Punch’s just released stealth-action game Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC earned over £18 million in revenue on release week via the Steam platform alone (also available via the Epic Games Store)?

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thorstein59d ago

"also available via the Epic Games Store"

I'm pretty sure Epic Games Store is available in over 190 countries and 30 territories. So anyone that said that this game was not available in them was just lying.

I'm so shocked by games journalists and fauxragers lying. Really shocked. I do pity them though. I can't imagine going through life with such anger... at everything.

bunt-custardly59d ago

Hehe, you do know how much PC players whine about having multiple store platforms when really all they want is Steam to run a monopoly. Thank ye heavens for Gog and Epic.

Giblet_Head59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

When Steam is one of the very few actually trying with it's feature set it's a hard sell to get people to want something on a storefront that could care less about improving it's service. GoG is another exception, but Epic, which is still missing many features that have been on Steam for years like every other publisher just half-ass it, so they've earned and continue to maintain their poor reception and presumably act confused come every quarterly report for failure to understand the market they're in. Who really wants to invest in something that actively instills little faith?

bunt-custardly59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Interesting answer from co-pilot when asked what are the differences between EGS and Steam.

The Epic Game Store (EGS) and Steam are both digital distribution platforms for PC games, but they have some key differences:

Game Selection: Steam has a larger selection of games, including both indie and AAA titles, and has been established longer, since 20031. EGS, while newer, offers a curated selection of games, including timed exclusives and titles not available on other platforms1.

Revenue Split: EGS offers a more favorable revenue split for developers, taking only a 12% cut compared to Steam’s 20-30%, which can be a big draw for game publishers1.

Free Games: EGS is known for its regular giveaways of free games, which has been a major feature since its launch in December 20181. Steam also offers free games, but less frequently1.

User Interface: Steam provides a more feature-rich experience with user reviews, community discussions, game streaming, and non-gaming software. EGS has a more streamlined interface, focusing on a simpler user experience1.

Social Features: Both platforms offer social features like friends lists and chat functionality, but Steam’s community features are more extensive, including groups, forums, and user profiles1.

Exclusivity: EGS has secured exclusive deals for certain games, making them available only on their platform for a limited time before they can be purchased elsewhere1.

These are some of the main differences that set the two stores apart. Each platform has its own strengths and caters to different preferences and needs.

Co-Pilot forgot to mention: Both offer software, but Steam is very much more in-tune with VR with its Steam VR integration.

Giblet_Head58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I wouldn't take AI as gospel, especially a corporate one that ends most every answer with meaningless neutral ambiguity. You're better off actually talking to humans that use either and have something to lose, be it time, energy or financial investment. Personal experiences AI can't relate to.


Ghost of Tsushima Update 2.24 Enables Matchmaking Between Consoles and PC This July 16

Players will be able to download Ghost of Tsushima update 2.24 (PS5 version 2.024) this July 16, and this is for the Legends multiplayer mode.


AMD FSR 3.1 Frame Gen 15% Faster than DLSS 3.5: Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West

Nixxes just added FSR 3.1 to all recent Sony titles on PC. This update improves quality and temporal stability while boosting frame rates by up to 10%. It also allows you to pair AMD’s open-source (works on everything) frame generation with DLSS-based upscaling.

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DarXyde22d ago

I'm genuinely curious on results when stacking DLSS+FSR. I imagine it will create some inconsistencies but I haven't seen any circumstance where they're paired.

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough because something like this would definitely be tested and analyzed.

DustMan21d ago

DLSS plus AMD frame Gen can be used together via a mod that's easy to install on most games that support DLSS 3.0. It's a difference maker and both work very well in tandem with each other. I can see it being implemented moving forward as the Frame Generation aspect of FSR does not need to be coupled with it's it's upscaling tech. That said. FSR is getting better with each and every upgrade. Honestly it's getting hard for me to see a difference at this point with my 40 year old eyes.

Started up Last of Us, and honestly I had a really hard time finding quality issues with the new FSR vs DLSS. Yes. DLSS has an edge, slightly noticeable when you stop moving and analyze all the details. However I'm not playing games to simply judge the games fidelity.

If AMD can figure out how to beef up their Ray Tracing performance they'll really be on to something. I personally will find it difficult to buy another Nvidia GPU when I fear a set of features will be locked behind a paywall in 2 or 3 years.

Zeref21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

It shouldn't be a problem at all. The tech is completely independent of eachother. If NVIDIA wanted to they could do the same.

ED20222d ago

Yea and fsr looking horrible while dlss is no brainer looks like native+ without amd pixelation,shimmering and ghosting. Nvidia and sony did good job on horizon fbw it looks increbile and play maxed out 4k visuals(with dlss quality) 120fps

DustMan21d ago

I have a 3080, and the difference is becoming less and less apparent. Not saying FSR is perfect yet, but It's improving bit by bit with every update. Depending on your setup the difference is really becoming negligible, and in a couple years AMD's equivalent will be just as viable. Won't need to buy a new GPU to take advantage of it either.


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