Uncharted 5 – Where is It?

Naughty Dog's acclaimed action-adventure franchise has remained dormant for quite some time but may be due for a resurgence.

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MaximusPrime_29d ago

Uncharted 4 meant to be the last. Did anyone play that game?

ravens5229d ago

Yes it is. Think he just meant, didn't they see the ending and that Drake was done done.

Nacho_Z28d ago

The ending of U4 was about as satisfying and definitive as it's possible for a piece of media to be.

That was the conclusion of the series, yes a spinoff is possible but if there's a straight U5 featuring the old gang then ND have lost their way and I don't see that happening.

shinoff218329d ago

They did say that was a wrap on uncharted. Clearly people cant read or listen.

bunt-custardly29d ago

Yeh but "Uncharted" is very much a franchise now, and much like Resident Evil series could have multiple lead characters like it already does. So Uncharted 5 doesn't have to even feature Nate.

Perhaps we can get a Tom Holland character that plays a new treasure hunter. Or...better yet, a buxom female who wears tight shorts and skimpy clothes regardless of the location whose more badass than any man could ever be.

northpaws29d ago

No all companies milk a franchise until they are not even relevant.

bunt-custardly29d ago

@northpaws, great they stopped at 5 games then.

anast29d ago

I'm good. But if they brought it out of storage, I would day 1 it.

repsahj28d ago

I am satisfied with the outcome of the story of uncharted 4. even if it is a new game or a sequel to 4, I will buy it day one.

anast28d ago

This is the where I'm at too.

cthulhucultist29d ago

Amazing series! I only wish they could reverse their decision and release a new entry.

Played them on Steamdeck (UC 4 and Lost Odyssey) and both performed very good and looked stunning.

It is amazing that those games were released on previous gen system